1:14 PM, Saturday, January 21st, 2017:
Overjoyed. Teary eyed. Hopeful. STUNNED. CANNOT BELIEVE IT. WOW.
I know I've said it since the election and part of me believed it - but seeing it actually happen? Still shocking. My greatest dream was that this would WAKE UP the slacktivist generation sitting on their fucking phones not voting. I was annoyed that inSTEAD of voting they started rioting in the streets the day after the election because "THE POLLS LIED TO US". FUCKING HELL. No when you protest, you organize, you have speakers - you GET A PERMIT - you GET THE PRESS - you work and you have a goal. And then I woke up this morning, turned on the TV and hooooooooly shit. Trump had 250,000 at his inauguration? ONE MILLION TODAY. And that's one city of dozens all over the world that are OVERRUN with people protesting. I mean, hundreds of thousands IN EACH CITY. It's stunning beyond measure. I am absofuckinglutely ENTHRALLED. I have so much hope. I am buzzing right now. I cannot believe it.

Then crazy-ass Shia LaBeouf (who I think is a fucking treasure because he just SAYS it) puts up
hewillnotdivide.us - a performance art live streaming installation in NY that will be running 24-7 until Trump is out of office - and you check-in and just see young motivated people ready to take on the fucking world. Goddamnit yes. All of my '05 protesting memories come flooding back - the songs the shared love for one another... just - THANK YOU AMERICA. YOU STILL EXIST.
To be this hopeful 24 hours later?!!? HIS FIRST FUCKING DAY IN OFFICE AND THIS HAPPENS? Oh my freaking fuck. NOW VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. Bug your fucking congressman until we can pass some gerrymeandering laws so your vote ACTUALLY MATTERS. Change this goddamn system, not so you can just pass whatever liberal agenda you'd like - but to FORCE BOTH SIDES TO FUCKING WORK TOGETHER. 2016 basically told the GOP they can obstruct everything and STILL WIN. BECAUSE YOU DON'T VOTE.
So I'm hopeful - but goddamnit, you'd better get your shit together. 18 months until the mid-terms. VOTE.