10:24 AM, Friday, January 20th, 2017:
Eight years ago, I wrote this:
"In case you were ever fighting a cold and just wanted to get it over with, I've totally figured out what to do. First, get 3 hours of sleep and fly across the country and proceed to walk outside in 20 degree temperatures for a total of 2 hours. Then, sleep for excactly 90 minutes and just get the fuck back up. Then go outside at 4am and journey downtown to stand next to two million of your closest friends (this part may be difficult to recreate) for 10 hours in 19 degree temperatures with a wind-chill of 5. End that period walking another 2 hours and then make sure whomever you're staying with keeps the apartment at 85 degrees so when you walk in you're suddenly so hot you're going to pass out. When you do finally pass out, again do so for exactly 90 minutes and just wake-up. You will then be sick. Guaranteed. Just in case you were wondering how to just get it over with."
It's the sense of humor you have when things are so good, nothing else matters. It was an unbelievable day, entry and video. One that will never leave me. One that I pass onto my children to relive when they're old enough. A fantastic day.
Now, it's difficult to describe this day without it becoming political and that's always my strongest focus when talking about Trump. Mainly because, he has no political affiliation, there is nothing political about him or his actions, this is a demagogue who's only interest is Trump. It's fascinating to a political junkie like me. I seem to operate in a bit of a bubble. Far less of my psyche is wrapped up in popular opinion or nationalism of any kind. I rooted for Obama more for the grace and dignity he presented than his views. He was what I would hope I would be in a similar situation. I tried to pattern myself after him when dealing with others and in situations where I had responsibility. QUICK aside:
I'm so goddamned happy for the Obamas. To say that was a nearly flawless execution of two terms is to say the very, very least. Not a HINT of scandal, not even the remotest spark of corruption... it was breathtaking to watch and I am stunned they pulled it off. Honestly, stunned. Feel free to argue about if he should or shouldn't have gone into Syria, about the issue of manufacturing jobs vs. the sub 5% unemployment rate, try and make the slashing of the deficit a negative because he didn't get it all the way to a surplus... argue all you'd like. But know this: that's a privileged argument considering where we were 8 years ago losing 1.5 million jobs every TWO MONTHS. 8 years ago when we were in 2 wars and we had stopped even LOOKING for Bin Laden. 8 years ago when Bush's final budget had a 1.3 TRILLION DOLLAR deficit. You're welcome, President Trump. You've been handed a vastly different situation. So I'm just so happy for that family. The dignity, the grace, the high road, the grown-ups... just stunning. Stunning, beautiful - I have never been more proud or felt more fortunate to be alive than during the 8 years they represented our country. It was beautiful.
Now of course I watched the Inauguration. There's a runnning theme of "boycotting" or "protesting" the event by not watching it and for the love of fuck people: caring about ratings right now or thinking you're making Trump feel bad because of his low numbers... this is happening. This is history. I get that some people are just sad... but this is a seminal moment in not only our lifetimes, but the history of this union. We are in more danger at this very moment, than we have ever been. Soak it in. Feel it. Watch that madman throw his fist in the air like the tyrant he is and let it sink in: that is your president. Don't hide from it. Don't be petty and watch HGTV all day because it might hurt his ratings - this isn't REALITY TV. This is reality. You need to be aware.
Not a whole lot to say. I do believe he will be impeached before the mid-terms. It's a matter of when the GOP finds Pence more useful than Trump. The grounds for impeachment are already clear NOW. If Trump does EVERYTHING the GOP wants? He will stay in. The second he makes their life difficult? They will move on and save their own asses. Time will tell. Again, it doesn't matter if he has impeachable offenses, it matters if Congress wants to pursue it.
I took a couple minutes of video to remember the moment for my family...
...and that's that. Strange as hell hearing a campaign speech at an inauguration, but again - don't want to talk politics or normalize anything that's happening. This is an extremely fragile moment in our union and stupid shit like speechwriting is the least of the concern.
It's time to see if our Constitution can still protect us 250 years later. God help us all.
PS - let me get this in writing: I will shed more tears the day he is impeached than today. Not out of happiness, out of sadness for our nation. This is an awful and embarrassing time and you should never cheer something as shameful as what will be transpiring in the next 2 years. Justice will come, but it will always be a black eye for this nation.