3:41 PM, Sunday, January 19th, 2017:
In the back of my head I always knew that maybe, just maybe, had I taken my car to Delorean they could've fixed it without replacing the transmission. I never thought that what lies within this video was a possibility. You sitting down?
So there ya go. Uhm. Every time I watch it I feel the punch. Now, this is a very Adam story so I accept that once I jumped, nothing else really mattered. The truth is? This actually means we have more valuable parts to sell. Had the transmission been destroyed we wouldn't have that. So the Zen aspect of this (in the moment) is we just made some more money.
...but when DOCUMENTING something, you're at least AWARE of the recent past. You know, like the last video a few days ago where we were laughing because the "transmission was fucked". So it does take quite a bit of mindfulness to ignore that and only see the positive. Thankfully, I just lay it out. This is every bit bittersweet, every bit a jagged little pill to swallow. But I know when this is said and done? I will be thrilled to reminisce that the motivator to do this was completely wrong and I ended up in a far better place because of that mistake. The Lemonade Life. You fall, double down and make that the best thing you ever did. And after my phone call to Randy today? It's already lining up.
So last night talking with Kenny I finally figured out the dates and logistics of how everything is going to work out in regards to me coming back to Columbus. For FastestDeloreanInTheWorld.com we need to have a 1/4 mile track time and the tracks in Ohio don't open until March 26th. I'm smart enough to know that Kenny should be the one driving that car, not me, so we gotta keep it there until that date even if it's done earlier. Kenny still believes he can have it running at the end of February. So the family and I are going to come out March 16th - March 27th and I may come back for a weekend by myself next month just to help work on stuff and be there for the first engine dyno. So I called up the owner of my old radio station and started brainstorming. Within 10 minutes we had a ton of ideas starting with the St. Patrick's Day parade on 3/17 and the press therein. Whew. I had insomnia in the middle of the night and ended up buying the tickets (DIRECT FLIGHTS WITH A 3 AND 4 YEAR OLD HOLY SHIT YES) and it's happening! AHHHH. Cannot wait to watch this all unfold.
So, anyone want to buy a drive train for a 1981 Delorean that has only 20k miles on it? LMAO.