6:29 PM, Sunday, January 15th, 2017:
The video I've held my breath for...
Wow. It's in. It's done. Well, it starts.
This week has been pure chaos and ya know how it ended? With me working out a deal with a fellow Time Machine owner in LA to house his car at GolfKon for a couple months so he could save storage costs - also allowing me to not lose any rentals while my time machine is in Ohio. The most stressful week ever ends with two massive successes. I can barely process that to be honest. Had I known this was even a possibility - I'd have gotten my transmission fixed a year ago and wouldn't be in this position! LOL. Then again - I WOULDN'T BE IN THIS POSITION!!! How exciting is this new endeavor?!?! Very pumped. Now that the car is there, I am stoked.
A BIG thank you to Eric Chivington who braved the cold weather and ice storm forecasts to get to the car drop-off and film everything for us. That really, really helped man. So hard to schedule too because there wasn't a definitive arrival time until 30 minutes before and it was 9pm. He stayed up until 2am to get me all the footage for today's entrey. ABOVE AND BEYOND SIR! Thank you!!!
Alright, I'm gonna take a break for a day or two. I'm so mentally exhausted I can barely see. Time to sip some whiskey and watch the most fascinating political week of my lifetime. Is all of this really happening?! This is so far beyond politics now... it's just a fucking spy thriller. If the ship is gonna sail on the experiment called "The United States" it might as well set sail in a sea of insanity. Sure hope this is just a "Watergate" bump like the 70s and we all come together and get past it. Time will tell. This has certainly been the craziest first 2 weeks of a year in the history of our government...
...and it's not too bad for The Journey either. ;-)