6:25 PM, Friday, January 13th, 2017:
So yesterday was the day the car was supposed to arrive. It hasn't. Because of weather it's been pushed to tomorrow... maybe. To be honest, that actually puts my mind at ease. The driver is a professional, he's moving a bunch of cars all over the country - he wants his $1060 on the other end at the drop-off as much as I want that goddamn car to be dropped off safely. Of course the forecast is icy and shitty and I can't sleep and uggggggggh. However, the show must go on and Kenny is using this time to build the engine.
Now I mentioned in the welcome video the stock engine we chose but Kenny is of course rebuilding THAT to be even faster pushing it to 600hp. It's an expensive build that ALONE pushes past 5 figures. And since we've built an entire documentary site for this, I figured we should introduce Kenny and explain that there is a very real family dynamic here. We're not arguing or anything but in order for this type of teamwork to work? You have to kinda battle. You're throwing ideas at each other, you're discussing logistics and money... you need the right combination of ego and respect in order to make it work. If you were following this story 3 years ago during the BTTF modification you'd know it indeed didn't work. I believe those entries are locked, but a synopsis is that I basically caught Bob cheating me. Skimping on parts. Giving me resin fabrications when the real antique parts were available even though I paid for his MOST EXPENSIVE modification. I was sending him pictures from the movie and fighting him at every corner. I had to fly out to Dallas specifically to sign off on everything because I didn't trust him and I stillllllllllll got fucked as he stole all the parts I bought with my stock Delorean. I got the police involved and finally got most of them, but it was a nightmare. A nightmare you absolutely, positively do not want with your brother.
Thankfully, although this sounds kinda shitty, we're brothers in name only to a degree. A 15 year age difference and us never living together + the last 17 years living in different states. This is truthfully the start of our relationship. So with that, I give you the video:
...and the car is still in limbo. I don't know why (maybe I do), but until that fucker is OFF the truck? I have very little faith that it's gonna be unscathed. That truck is awful. Ice is awful. Everything is just awful. I want this part to be over with and then, yes, I have to sit for ANOTHER week in a couple months getting it back. GODDDDDDDDD.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed episode 3... episode 4 SHOULD be on Sunday.