9:13 PM, Saturday, January 7th, 2017:
So "despair" is a bit alarmist, but I have a very good reason. It's the 17th anniversary of an entry by the same title back in the DAYYYYYY:
Entry #5 - Despair comes quickly on the 4tvs front...
Now, 17 years ago on entry FIVE, that was indeed some despair. Our 3 man team was down to 2 as they wouldn't let us put Marty MOOSE on the lease, and for some reason come to think of it were being total assholes about him living there not being on the lease. Curious since it was SECTION 8 HOUSING and we were the only fuckers paying full price. WHAT THE FUCK NOW I'M ANGRY.
Anyway, 17 years later although not outright "despair", this is prettttttttttttty sketchy. Not sure how else to describe this without you feeling the exact same thing I did. Here we go...
Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Like, watching that again? I feel absolutely hopeless. Nothing about that fucking scenario was positive and all you can do is wait. For a WEEK. He doesn't even leave until Monday and then he's guessing around 4 days. Fuck me. I am indeed going to complain to Montway and make certain on the trip back that I get a REAL truck. One that isn't so long it gets ticketed for being on the fucking road. One that doesn't scrape my car up getting into it. ONE THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE IT SHOULD HAVE LIVESTOCK ON IT. FUCK.
Ahem again.
So there we are. The start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. HA. Throwback to 2000 AGAIN dawg. Man, about 2 people are going to really enjoy that sentence. ;-)
For me as I mentioned in the last entry I have been studying like a crazy man. Trying to shoot every possible hole in what Kenny thinks he can do. It's devil's advocate for sure, but I gotta say: this dude knows his shit. Like, of course he should know more than me, but the speed at which he not only answers a question, but adds to it and then ends up teaching ne even more? We've had hour long discussions every day this week. He works all day at his job, then has to come home and listen to me asking completely off the wall questions on what's possible. He's been nothing but patient and is happy to explain things. I can't get over the breadth of what it takes to build a performance motor. The variables that go into race cars and horsepower. It's fascinating to me and I'm quite impressed with just how much can be accomplished when you've actually gone to school for something like this.

I don't mean to wax poetic on my surprise, but yes, I can admit... I am surprised. I truly didn't know Kenny as an adult and I guess you just presume he's like the kid he was at 9. Of fucking course he isn't but again he's more than even that. He, knows, his, shit. Assuming my FUCKING CAR EVER GETS THERE it will be in good hands.
Let this week fly by please. Ugggggggggh.