7:43 PM, Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017:
I mean, if you're gonna do it... you're gonna go big. Well, doesn't get much bigger than THIS as a response to car trouble:
That's very me. It's funny, once I'm within the walls of this project I feel like a viewer too and it's only then that I can say "Yeah, that's an Adam idea." I just refuse to pay that kind of money without some HOPE involved. Some wonder. Some DREAM. I need it to get pumped up. Now I'm creating something someone hasn't done before. NOW I can actually get behind this and have fun...
...of course what isn't "fun" is watching $10,000 disappear in a day. I mean, I knew it was coming but once all the parts add up and it's go-time... away flies your cash. Scary part? He doesn't even have the car yet. That's when the unexpected expenses come. This is just the groundwork. Fucking hell. Quite a leap of faith. Especially considering the business is way down and will remain pretty stagnant for qhite some time. Then again, this may help things considerably!
Now what follows the remainder of this month is Adam going back to self-imposed school. It's similar to what I did during the Back to the Future mod: I spent my time studying every picture and catching my builder trying to cut corners and cheat me out of parts. It was exhausting and I bugged the ever-loving fuck out of him to get the best product I could (still stiffed me on modification parts as well as literally stealing $2000 worth of parts that came with my car: swell guy). Thankfully, my brother won't be doing that but it doesn't change the fact that I need to know what's going on. I need to understand motors, transmission, what goes into drive-trains: I'm starting from scratch other than basic knowledge. Like, I can change the brakes in my car, the oil, etc. Kenny builds high performance motors from scratch and I want to understand exactly what we're doing and what we're modifying. I want to be able to have constructive discussions with him. While he's working I want to be able to think up issues he may not have thought of, etc. We're a team now and I have to do everything I can possibly do without actually touching the car since I can't just move to Ohio for 6 weeks.
As well, I have to get ahold of a LOT of people and piece together a new site: FastestDeloreanInTheWorld.com. I was able to at least get a mission statement up which should let them know I'm legit, but more than that I want them to realize this really is about spotlighting the incredible amount of work some Delorean owners have put into their car to swap out the engine. It should be more of a community than me just proclaiming my car is the fastest. There's a rich history here and I have a lot of respect for these guys. It will end up being a nice documentary of not only our build but the rest of the community providing I can get ahold of them and they agree to be part of it. Can't see why they wouldn't, but lots of people are pretty private. Time will tell.
Alright, away we go! New year, new focus and the car is picked up on SATURDAY! AHHHH. I can't believe this is happening.