7:26 PM, Sunday, Januart 1st, 2017:
The choice of colors for an upcoming Journey year are labored over. I'm stuck with 'em all year. Year 18 is no different. However each color I chose made it more and more clear that there shouldn't be any. 2017 is an unknown of epic proportions. This will absolutely be the first time in my life I've ever looked ahead at the coming year with legitimate fear for this planet. Not because my political party lost but because we absolutely elected one of the scariest prospects of all-time as the President of the United States. And the only people that don't believe that believe absolute FAIRY TALES about Hillary Clinton. They believe she ran a pedophile sex ring out of a pizza shop. That's where we are as a country.
...but if you're a historian of ANY type, you have no choice but to just sit back and soak it in for a minute: this is a pretty stark indication as to where we are as a collective group of people in this country. I cannot overstate it enough: this has nothing (and I do mean nothing) with political party. That would presume Donald Trump is a Repubican, which he most certainly isn't. He's a Carnival Barker and we don't care. Fake news brought down a very serious figure like Obama and turned him into a straw man where facts didn't matter. Of course it was a perfect storm with the DNC email leaks and the interference from the FBI but make no mistake: 20 years ago, it never could've gotten to this point. A generation of entertaining news got us here. Donald Trump may not kill us all, but we all deserve to die. Make no mistake. This experiment called humanity has reached the point of false pride and proud ignorance that won't easily be defeated. This is the start of it all.
Trump however? I do believe he will wear out his welcome with the GOP in record time as the second he is sworn in there are so many avenues in which he could be impeached it will become overwhelming to their ability to pass legislation. They will inevitably start it all up. That being said? There will be another demogogue. And another. And another. His laissez-faire attitude about nuclear weapons is one I don't see going away when he does. Listen, we all kinda knew humans would do ourselves in eventually. We just never thought we'd see the beginning of the descent so clearly. Hell it's what I said in my "Back in Time" documentary clip nearly two years ago:

I was guessing 500 years in the future, not 22 months later. Funny, the director is a Trump voter! LOL. Not because he's some massive asshole, he just really doesn't give a fuck and doesn't think it matters. I guess we'll find out, right? Fuck.

As far ME? The Journey? GolfKon? All that? My contract is up in May with Collins Avenue. If I feel particularly pro-active I will try to find some funding for doing the interview show on my own. I see no real way to convince networks this works. I find it crazy I can convince celebrities to come to my backyard for FREE with NO VIEWS because they believe in the concept, yet no one will put it on TV? I still think it's timing and the right guest, etc. As I keep saying and believe wholeheartedly: there is digestable, lucrative media in some form in my backyard. Just takes the right people to figure it out. Now that this fucking paragraph is over? Ya wanna know what I literally CANNOT stop thinking about??!?!
The Delorean modification. Ho, ly, shit. This is really happening. The deposit on the shipping truck is down, we've picked the motor and transmission (2013 LS3 Corvette V8 and Porsche Trans) and tomorrow a good $6k is thrown into this whole thing. This is happening. In fact, in mid-to late Februaray I'm flying the entire family back to Columbus to finish up work on the car and then do a few gigs and show my friends and family the new 600 hp beast. We're making the fastest Delorean on the planet and I'm excited to FINALLY HAVE A CAR that I'm not embarrassed to drive. My old line was always "I feel like I'm bringing a light saber to a gun show" and I WAS. I hated that everyone crowded around my car when it was an absolute piece of shit. Now? It will blow people away. Hardly a stock car around that could beat it and it's a time machine to boot? We're gonna get Kenny a BUNCH of press as well as RentTheDelorean.com. Throw in the finished virtual reality ride? Wow. The future 5-10 years is bright for the business. It all but died in July of last year ($10k booked after July) and this will bump it up for a loooooong time to come. And of course, we're replacing everything with parts that are easily found and can keep the car running in top condition for decades.
OH AND I GET TO GO BACK TO OHIO WITH MY CAR!!! Man that's gonna be awesome. Just, wow. Oh and far down on the list? I finally actually get a mid-life crisis car. LOL. Everyone used to call the time machine that and, well, how could I argue when it's a fricken time machine but it was business. This is still a business decision but for the first time ever? It will be fun to drive. It has NEVER been fun to drive. It has been scary, stressful - just awful. Why? BECAUSE it's SO SLOW you're at the MERCY of every idiot around you. Not getting in an accident has nothing to do with you and everything to do with whether the FUCKTARD next to you can videotape you and drive without hitting someone. Now? I can get out of the way. I can pull out of danger. I can, well, fucking drive. Yes I will take advantage of the speed a little and have fun, but in the end this is still a MUSEUM and speeding is simply dangerous. But far too often my roughly 100hp car was a death trap. Never, ever, ever again. Cannot tell you how thrilled I am about that.
And to work with Kenny! And to help Kenny! Man - it's like I've added an entirely new person to my life that I never had anything in common with before. How killer is that? Wow. Just... too excited.
So, provided we don't blow up - 2017 should be awesome. Hey politicians or military or whothefuckever?! Why don't you grow some nuts and ovum and take care of this guy? Give us at least one more generation of status quo before we start a nuclear world war, mmmmmmmk? If he gives the orders? HANDLE THE TRUTH and do the right thing, ok? Fuck man. Why does this even have to be typed.