9:02 PM, Saturday, December 31st, 2016:
Well after THAT fuckin' game I'm certainly ready to put the year to rest. Ya can't score a POINT? Oh well. We beat Xichigan so who cares. ;-)
This is a very strange entry to write because it's nearly impossible to not look ahead (which is reserved for the NEXT entry). I don't really want to look back on 2016. It was a pretty awful year for the world even if it was pretty normal for me. Some good, some bad but mostly? Really wonderful as has been the pattern since 2011. Lemme link to the year-ender...
Ya know, I kinda did it. Looked back without really talking about what a massive "HOLY FUCK WHAT HAPPENS NOW!?!?" looming over the video. The script to the video is kinda perfect for the entry:
In 2016 I was finally able to focus on career stuff and my goals were clear - sell a TV show and lose
50 pounds. Remarkably? Everything was pretty easy. I waited until a good chunk of the weight was off to make a sizzle reel and good thing because the MOMENT I released that I had multiple offers for development deals and was off to the races. I eventually signed with Collins Avenue, the company behind Dance Moms and "The Journey" was filled with locked entries and cryptic songs just like old times since everything was taken out of my hands. All I could do was wait... which with a wonderful wife and kids was pretty fun.
Then Geeking Out contacted me to be on their show and I rushed to build the Die Hard GolfKon hole in time only to have them delay the shoot. It was right about that time I had a familiar feeling. Enter: long video entry about everything in The Journey blowing up.
...and Geeking Out did indeed get pushed to Season 2 if there even is one and Chasing Heroes is still in limbo. But as I said it barely registered. Don and I had season tickets to the Rams, I got to meet
Charles Barkley and is that fucking NORM at the GolfKon Bar?!?!
Yes. It is.
...and yeah, we turned a corner as a country by telling the world we no longer take government seriously and time will tell how that works. Cam spent 6 days in the hospital due to breathing issues, but is doing better... so there's always balance - but when you wake up every morning in my life? You just can't bitch about much. And as long as we don't all die in a nuclear holocaust, 2017 should be more of the same. But it shouldn't go without saying: the words "nuclear" and "holocaust" don't feel like science fiction right now. May future generations never forget that that's true as this year ends. Unfortunately 2016 proved that only lasts about 70 years before enough people forget it.
Oh well. I won't be alive in 70 years. Sorry kids. Good luck with that.
That's about as good as I can possible do without focusing on the future which is honestly all I can think about this final day of 2016. Good and bad, but not one ounce of me is in a "reflective" mode.

So good fucking riddance to this year and onto the next entry...