7:54 PM, Monday, December 26th, 2016:
Ya know, the moment you know you're having a kid you think about a ton of things that are coming. You're always way too premature. You baby-proof the house and the kid can't crawl for 6 months. You get so excited for Christmas but they really don't get it until 3 or 4. And when you have two kids? It's hard to truly have that magical morning unless both kids are "of age". Last year, Vienna was excited and Cam understood what "presents" meant. That was about it. This year? Christmas movies all month, Vienna making X's on the calendar and we kinda went nuts with the presents. Man I was so goddamned excited for Christmas I could barely get to sleep. I haven't felt THAT since I was a kid. Knowing that all day would be spent playing with the kids and watching parades and basketball... so awesome. Of course it was also Cam's birthday but we do indeed celebrate it on June 25th, so he gets his song in the morning... we go out to eat that night and he gets a sundae, etc... but that's kind of it. June is the big shindig.
Anyway - onto the video...
What a great day. Oh man I do love having a family. I adore that we're in the golden years of "family" and that I appreciate it as much as I do. You hear so much about those years flying by and sure, it's remarkable how quickly things change month to month with kids, but thanks to The Journey it really is documented. You don't miss anything when you're doing 100 entries a month. When you're nostalgic it's all there. In fact moreso in the hundreds of hours of footage that never make it to this site. The videos that just feel like you're there. That's the stuff I adore. These are the best moments. And especially considering the scares with Cam this holiday season... whew. So grateful to have everyone together.
Can't add much more than that. Anniversary entry on Wednesday and incredibly, the year-ender on Saturday!