12:01 AM, Sunday, December 25th, 2016:
My boy is THREE!!!! Hit it Ernie:
So if you've had to watch UmiZoomi multiple times, you laughed a bunch during that. Otherwise it's an inside joke that carries very little weight. The good news is, I think Cam will finally like one of his videos. He's been overwhelmed for 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 - but eventually liked the videos. I'm thinking this is a first time winner because it is absolutely is favorite show. It's actually an awesome show. I'm always impressed when kids are attracted to shows that are so CLEARLY teaching you. I remember that annoying me as a kid. Ha. Maybe it will when they're older... come to think of it that was probably the point: I knew what they were teaching, and Cam doesn't yet. Duh, Adam. But yeah, UmiZoomi is awesome for learning all sorts of problem-solving things: numbers, letters, shapes, patterns, etc. Good stuff. Catchy song.
Of course it's hard to talk about Cam's birthday without referencing this month which has been traumatic to say the least. On that front, he's better. Clearly. The lack of dog hair/dander in the house has certainly been a massive change for him. The nice thing is he gets a weekly stress test at Oma with the dogs so we can see the effect. There's two schools of thought on this and clearly I'm in the riskier boat: I want to continue to expose him to that which he is allergic to. He's not deathly allergic to dogs even though he's high on the scale. It seems eventually his lungs and airways get agitated and it causes his breath to quicken. He had zero issues this past visit even spending the night. The week before Karen felt she should give him an inhaler once before bed. As I've said in previous entires, looking back? I think his breath was ALWAYS too fast, damn near his entire life. I noticed it several times over the years and never made the connection. THAT is gone thanks to a complete removal of the carpets, dogs, washing everything... so whew. I think we're close to being able to rule out any auto-immune issues. So it's a very thankful Christmas and birthday to, be, certain. And as much as it's bittersweet to say this, the dogs are very very happy at Oma's. They don't even cry when they see me now, they're happy and want pets and then just lay down. It's a farrrrrrrr calmer situation for them. CeBe is old and LeeLoo is already an anxious dog... that's a tough mix for a house with a 3 and 4 year old. I mean, they look a hundred times more peaceful. So yay, but goddamn I miss my dogs.
ANNNNYWAY - whew, we made it. Tough couple weeks and I'm thrilled everything seems to be coming together. Cameron at 3 is 100% boy and I'm happy to report is absolutely best friends with Vienna. There was a shift around her 4th birthday and although they still fight multiple times a day - they actually want to play with each other and are more often than not making up games and getting along. I couldn't say that in the summer. So WHEW. It opens up so much as for what we can do family-wise. We're in that golden period of 3-9 where they like us and we can go camping and shit, go on trips and they truly can find entertainment in "exploring" together, etc. Very excited for the new year on that front.
Alright - it's, uhm, clearly fucking late. Gotta get to bed - insomnia has been awful lately - and CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Merry Christmas!