7:05 PM, Tuesday, December 13th, 2016:
Man is this nuts. I've spent 3 days going back and forth and today I've finally decided: the Delorean Time Machine is going to be gutted completely. New engine, new transmission, new everthing. What the fuck brought this about?
So I can look back now and see that this was an issue for probably 12-18 months. The governor that tells my automatic transmission when to change gears was malfunctioning. Being as busy as I've been, as long as it GOT me to my gig, I had to just let that shit go. Yes, sometimes it would start in what felt like 3rd gear and then jump down to 2nd and back up to 3rd... it was bizarre but I had no idea what was wrong because I couldn't afford the downtime to have it in a shop for a week or two. The past couple months has been very clear that it's just not kicking into gear correctly. I was going to have to deal with this. Of course a week of a bunch of gigs and I find myself trying to get to a wedding and having to LITERALLY BE PUSHED through intersections by good samaritans to get through Hollywood and get to the gig. I made it... but had to AAA it directly to the shop. All they could do was put some transmission fluid in it, but nothing changed. The transmission was pretty fucked.
My neighbor gave it some life by flushing it a couple times and replacing the solenoids. $800 but later found out that wasn't the issue at all - it was the governor, but we were too late for that. The damage to the transmission was done. He at LEAST got it to run for one more week as I had $1200 in gigs to pull off. Didn't let anyone down. One of the gigs was while Kenny and my dad were here which got us talking. Kenny is a fabricator back in Ohio. Builds cars... just what he does. I remember the kid hooking a lawn mower engine up to some wheels and making a car. Like, what the fuck. It was always in him and now he makes quite a living doing it.
Long story short - he was pretty certain he could swap the engine and transmission and make that car haul ass. I was still under the impression that a new governor ($400) would solve it so we held off on the discussion... then came my final gig on 12/10 that ended all discussion. I could hear the gears grinding metal on metal... I couldn't get over 25 mph no matter what I did (going up the 405 was REALLLLLLLLY fun) and I called him from the car and said, we need to seriously look into this. The reason this is even feasible is because a Delorean Transmission? Is SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. Just the part. You have to remove the engine to replace this part. Why? Because FUCKING DELOREAN that's why. So labor and tax brings us to $10,000 just to have a shitty fucking 135hp Delorean. Dear Jesus.

It's something anyone who has followed this Journey understands about me: when I'm hit with a massive negative, I always double down and make it positive. If I'm already $10k in, why not take a leap and put a little bit more towards a real fucking engine? Real cooling. A Real transmission. A car that can haul ass? A car that is reliable? A car that you can get parts for that aren't 10fuckingtimes more than normal? Enter, the video:
Now, there are some conflicting reports on "fastest Delorean" as a guy that said he had a 500hp engine was shown to be full of shit once they drove it. But, we're going to make the claim, make it happen and get some press in the process. Oh, and ours is a fucking TIME MACHINE. Even more worthy of press. There is of course a concern...
...working with family. Whew. I actually had to just call my dad and ask him to be straight with me. He knows Kenny more than I do - he was 9 when I left. Can he do this? Are we gonna run into a situation where we take my entire car apart and then he can't make it work and I'm fucking screwed? He said what is true about myself, him and also Kenny: when we put our minds to something - we make it work. If it doesn't? We don't sleep until it does. It's just one of those midwestern traits: you work harder than anyone on the planet and make, it, happen. This still isn't without reservation. This is a pretty big leap of faith when we're in an area that I don't know... but the truth is? I'm gonna know it now. I will study every fucking aspect I can. I will be an expert on what we're doing and annoy Kenny every step of the way. I will be working alongside him as much as I can (flying him out here once we get all the parts to get it done). We will make this happen...
...but I am nervous. It's kind of how I felt nearly 3 years ago when I started this entire business. But in the long run? This should save me a ton of money and give me a car that's as reliable as possible for the next decade+. Having to rely on Delorean has been the most stressful part of my job. Knowing this car will be able to drive a couple hundred mile trips without blinking an eye will be pretty peaceful. Every single time I turn that key the past 3 years I've been nervous. So... fuck that. Time to soup this bitch up and go rip roaring into 2017.
Whew. Here we go...