5:00 PM, Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016:
So Cam has always been one to dance. Big Michael Jackson fan, loves music. But recently Cam has started grooooooooooooovin'. Eyes closed and feeling the groove DIRTY style. He sits in the car and just makes that JAZZ face when the bass line is so good it SMELLS funky.

...then he did it at the Thanksgiving celebration at his pre-school. Excuse me, Indigenous People's celebration. Ugh. I love actually celebrating Native Americans instead of the bullshit Thanksgiving, but is there really not a better name for it? It's hard to even TYPE. Anyway, check this out.
Also nice to see Vienna joining in the ugly face game. Fun kids.
But yeah, for whatever reason it seemed like I should really document this. I try not to document every bit of cuteness (clearly, I don't have ONE THOUSAND entries a year) but if something seems out of the ordinary? Yeah, then I feel the need to at least say "uhm, is this weird?" Like, he actually does the Joe Cocker finger-thingee at the :35 second mark. The fuck is that? He's never seen Joe Cocker. He's borderline spastic during that section. If I switched the music to "A Little Help From My Friends" you'd think he was doing an impersonation. Kid still hasn't hit 3 yet. Strange right?
Anyway - I dig it. Hopefully we look back on this entry and go: "SEEEEE, YOU WERE AN OLD SOULD DAWG." And also, clearly understanding that he's being funny. Oh dear. Look out world...