1:58 PM, Wednesday, November 21st, 2016:
Donald Fucking Trump just won the presidency? Where you going now??
Sorry, I don't mean to continue to make things political but is this even politics anymore? I know the news is acting like this is just a normal political transition but conisdering that crazy motherfucker went back on every political promise by FRIDAY... this is lunacy. I wake up every day wondering what ridiculous thing they'll try to normalize next. Anyway, moving on...
Man, good stuff right there. Again, on our 8th visit, I feel the need to assure people that Vienna does indeed like Disneyland. She watches these videos repeatedly and even leading up to visiting the characters she's giggly and happy - and then she's just like "FUCK THIS." <throws hands up>
Then we get home and she immediately wants to see video of the scene as if it will somehow be different? I mean, I feel awful including her breakdowns in these videos but they also happen to be Cam's big moments... so watchoo gonna do? It's the truth. In the end we will look back on her pensiveness and smile - presuming this phase ever passes. It really stuns us each time because we're certain she'll be fine THIS time. Ya got us.
But as you saw in the last ride she was her giggly self. And that parade - holy fuck man, that was amazing. I still cannot believe how well choreographed the lights were to the music, etc. It's so far beyond most parades I'm not even sure why any other park attempts them. Say what you want about Disney and their Moushcawitz ways, but they do it better than anyone. Every detail, every moment - it's a level of excellence they do so often you're hardly even surprised. The light parade however even stunned me. Gorgeous stuff.
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we're back to reality. President Trump.
President Trump.