11:14 AM, Tuesday, November 8th, 2016:
Please let this be over tonight. Please let this be over tonight. Please let it be clear with no room for a recount. Please. I've never, ever, ever been more annoyed at an election cycle in my fucking life. And as I've been telling anyone who'll listen online: Trump losing tonight simply kicks the can down the road a few more years. We have entered a very, very, very bad phase in our union with a broken media and complete fucking idiots running the show. I have no hope for that changing in the future, I do truly believe I will not end my life in this country. I will move and my final sunsets will not be in the United States. That is not a "threat" if Trump wins, it's simply a statement of how I feel about this country. I don't believe any one candidate will destroy America... no it will be a movement of idiots armed with fake news that will be our downfall. We're here. Trump shouldn't be a candidate let alone the nominee. Alas, we are here. An obvious con-man tricking every supporter who actually isn't even that good of a con-man. So, the election...
I find myself playing devil's advocate with everyone. Democrats are far too certain this will be a landslide and Trump supporters are literally being lied to. The same thing happened in 2012. I watched Fox News and all of their polling was skewed and their pundits were predicting a ROMNEY landslide and it ended up being only 2 states going red in comparison to 2008. The core voting blocks don't change that much. That should continue here... but there's a huge issue: the very fact that we're talking about a Trump presidency means absolutely FAKE news works. The things people hate about Hillary are largely bullshit. I don't like Hillary as a candidate, as a politician, etc... but she's clearly qualified and will be a great president. She does her homework, she knows her shit...
...but when you talk to Hillary haters? They quote actual bullshit. Just made up buillshit. And Trump gains traction on that SAME bullshit. He says whatever the crowd wants to hear, then says the opposite to the next group. People compare the FUCKING VIDEO and it makes no difference. Facts don't matter... nothing matters. The media has made a very SERIOUS position into a reality show, therefore a reality show spokesman somehow fits. It's dangerous to such a degree, I'm exhausted saying it. I'm just watching it unfold now. Saving my pennies and mentally preparing to move on. It's like being in the midst of a bad relationship: you may not be leaving now, but you're watching some shit unfold that ain't gonna work out too well. This broken media system is the death of all of us, but it's hitting the US first and foremost. You have an entire party intent on breaking the government to prove it doesn't work. Breaking public schools, breaking every program, breaking diplomacy. This doesn't end well. And you have an electorate who thinks Donald Trump is gonna "drain the swamp" and help the working class. Really? This New York businessman who LITERALLY sits on a Golden Throne? I almost want him to win just to watch their faces when he DOESN'T do ANYTHING he said he would and just helps himself and his business interests. Duh.
...but I don't believe he will win. I can't see him running the table on the states he needs to win. I think the Comey bullshit this past week will keep her from getting a strong 300+ electoral college win, but I still think she wins it with a couple states to spare... but I'm not even excited about this reality. The GOP will run a normal candidate in 2020 and Hillary is gonna get eviscerated. The economy is gonna do a downturn (just the cyclical reality) and she will bear the brunt of that. And what happens if someone comes along who is actually evil and not just a con-man saying stupid shit? Someone with an actual agenda and who can put a team around him to really get things done? That's what scares me, not Trump. In fact, I could argue that Trump winning might actually be a wake-up call to his supporters because he WILL let them down almost upon arrival...
...then again they would find a way to blame everyone but him. There's fake news to comfort them and it's not going away anytime soon. Politics is like sports now and it's just awful. Actually that isn't even true. How the fuck did the GOP get away with not even addressing the Supreme Court?!?!?! How the mother-fuck is that possible? Someone died, Obama nominated someone and they ignored it.
?!?!?! And if Trump somehow wins they will be rewarded. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? If this had happened in the 1950s there would've been a COUNT on the screen every goddamned night. For every fucking day they didn't do their job. There would've been no fear that they would be called BIASED, they would come back with:  WE REPORT THE JOB YOU'RE DOING. AND YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB. Period. End of story.
Now? Can't do anything that might looks partisan. Can't report what's ACTUALLY HAPPENING if it makes ANYONE look bad. Even if one side is bad. FUCK YOU MEDIA. I can't even be mad at the GOP! They figured it out! Now, it may bite them in the ass when Hillary gets elected and they lose the whole goddamn court but knowing them? They'll find a way to politicize that to their advantage too because the media (and the Dems) are a bunch of fucking pussies. It makes me absolutely crazy.
Even crazier? I have barely mentioned a word about the candidate I'm supporting for president in the election, tonight. Wow. I do it periodically on Facebook, but I guess for The Journey I'm doing more of a time capsule of feelings for all-time and I have very little feelings about Hillary Clinton. I don't hate her, I just don't like her. I turn the sound off during speeches. I turn it back up for interviews! But then she says some formulaic shit (which yes, I understand why she is stuck in that cycle - she's put up with her words being fucked with her whole life, in a man's world, etc) and I zone out. It's her time, and I'm ok with that and I know she'll at least fight for the most BASIC human rights but the bar is so low now. We aren't progressing anymore. We aren't achieving. We're trying to hold the fabric of this union together in the midst of absolute Idiocracy. THAT is what concerns me far more than who holds the position of president.
But I am passionate about this: LET THIS FUCKING END TONIGHT. I can't do any more of this shit. It has to end. If there's a recount or if Trump doesn't concede oh my fucking GOD. I think he will probably do it tomorrow and start Trump TV or some shit. He ain't going away...
...but yes, we should be able to avoid insanity this time. And with that rousing endorsement, I'll end this entry with me voting:
No inspirational music. Nothing fancy, just the file. This is the most obvious fucking vote in the history of being Americans. Literally everyone who doesn't fill in this hole is so woefully ignorant to the job of presidency I weep for our future. And as I just explained, I'll be doing that no matter what, because this will still be an issue in 2020.