Video Uploaded 12/22/16
8:14 AM, Tuesday, November 1st, 2016:
The chances of this video even being done before Thanksgiving are pretty slim considering the extreme amount of shit I have to do and the fact that interspersing the George Wendt pieces make no actual sense but are absolutely awesome. This will be a weird video and for you reading this? IT WILL BE RIGHT HERE! I'll put an "uploaded on" date at the top for documentary purposes but if I don't put a place-holder entry here now the halloween entry would be in December. ;-) So here it is!


Two, complete, fucking, seasons... without a win. A bogey on GOLFKO? Really. REALLY.
So fucking annoyed.
I have to admit that next year's GolfKon videos may not be as produced as these. It's simply too much work and it's not raising any more money and it's not getting any more views and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe that changes by the time February rolls around, but I'm finding it harder and harder to put this type of work into the videos 6 times a year. Most players admit they don't watch unless they win. And if you aren't playing, you aren't watching... so this 100 hours of work is for one person? Well, two if you count me? Fuck.
Of course, the Wendt interview is just golden for me. It's all over the place and honestly makes no sense within the video... but I kinda dig that. The strangeness of it going back and forth gives me some ideas on how to do future videos. More highlight driven - something easily digestable. Something to chew on. Of course I love this video more than any of them. The Cheers incidental music just makes it for me. I'm also just so tired of the GolfKon format right now that EVERY deviation gives me a hard-on. Anyway, thanks a billion to George - this really brings us to another level for charities and future reels showing him coming out should finally help us bring in REAL money for something. None of this $1000 stuff... let's pull off 5 figures already. Hell, I couldn't even get a sponsor for this tournament although I was CERTAIN I had one. UGGGGGGGGGGGGH. So, so difficult.
As for the GolfKon season - it was pretty awesome to see Cole run away with it and nothing is more epic than Matt's meltdown on the 4th of July. I love the additions of the SuperTee and Golf Hard and of course, turning the bar sign into a Cheers Theme lead to one of the greatest moments of my life. Norm, from fucking Cheers sat down at my backyard bar. It's hard for me to think this isn't a meeting away from being packaged correctly to be a TV show. But I'm honestly too tired to think of all that.
That's kind of how my years work: I kill myself all year, get in shape, work on stuff and then by November I slowly wind down, fatten up and look back on the year that was. Then boom, I start the new year with some determination and away we go! I've gotten used to that routine and honestly look forward to each part. I'd like to not hit 200 by Christmas, but I think 175 is clearly going to happen. I can lose 20 pounds pretty easy.
Alright, GolfKon Season 4 is complete! Congrats to Michael for winning the year! Congrats to Matt for motherfucking beating me in this tournament by a motherfucking stroke. Here's to breaking my 12 tournament losing streak in FEBRUARY.