9:45 PM, Monday, October 31st, 2016:
Halloween! It comes and goes so fast. I'm on a sugar high so I figured I'd knock out a few paragraphs. It's been a fun week:
It's crazy, you look forward to all of these moments all year and life is so busy you barely notice them happening. Suddenly it's HERE! And now it's OVER! Where did October go? Thankfully I can skim these entries and they hold the appropriate weight... but even that seems like a bit of a lie. It looks so organized and substantial. In reality it's this BLUR of events that wow, I'm not sure how people feel connected to any of it since they DON'T have The Journey. That must be why Facebook means so much to people: in a sense they're having "The Journey" recorded for them. They get yearly reminders of memories, etc. I have to do all that shit by hand. HAHAHA. Yes after 17 years the world has caught up and passed me. And I'm still typing in this 1990's program in virtual anonymity.
I really do like that.
So Cameron was an abject asshole all day today. He has an awesome Spiderman costume that he refuses to wear and just throws a fit, constantly. So we threw the goddamned shark on him from last year (that is clearly too small) and we went about trick or treating when suddenly Cameron was the sweetest boy of all-time. Saying trick or treat, thank you, talking about each house, etc. These kids are tiny psychopaths man, I tell you. Vienna wanted to go home immediately (she was adorable all day - ie that Vive portion of the video) and then it was HER turn to be an asshole. I will admit, it's a lot of walking and our neighborhood kinda sucks. It's a legitimate search to find which houses are even attempting to give out candy. It wasn't like this in Columbus, Ohio... nearly every house had their light on and your bag was filled in one block. In this neighborhood, you're hoofing it for well over a mile to get the same result. Actually, not really a negative in a sense, but certainly a different memory.
Anyway, Cam was all over it. So strange how they shift personalities on a dime. I get the developmental stages and all, but it makes me realize that we're all really like that - we just learn to control it. If every feeling I ever had was TRULY emoted? I would be in an insane assylum. Most of us learn to temper those emotions and then we have kids and it's a giant slap in the face. Funny.
Alright, October is done! JESUS a lot of shit happened this month. Onto November!