10:05 AM, Thursday, October 20th, 2016:
I know it's crazy to even make this entry with so little of the video done (a future entry will have it all) but after putting this together, there was no choice: a must share. A must "cement into the Journey" moment.
Leave it to me to get the incidental music and nail the font... but leave it to George to be cool with doing a "Norm" bit. He would've been fine with me calling him Norm, but just out of respect I didn't want to. This isn't actually Cheers and saying his real name makes it a sweet nod to his past as opposed to truly trying to copy something. As for the line itself? You watch enough Cheers episodes and you can write that shit in your sleep. I honestly just thought about what I would say and what he would respond. It wrote itself in my head. That's what happens when characters are well developed: it's a joy to sit inside their heads and let them speak through you.
The conversation with George was awesome. Not exactly sure how it's going to be edited into the tournament video or if anything can stand alone. We talked about so much from sports to politics... could've been there all day. George had an hour and we used every moment. I think the portion of the interview I'm happiest about was him talking about his friend John Ratzenberger. John has become quite a vocal right-wing voice... not sure of a nice way to say it, but it's quite radical and frankly, confusing. I asked about how George dealt with that just presuming George felt differently politically, and he did. He said when they talk, they just talk about other shit. We really do have so much more in common than not. THEY label us and put us in separate camps. I spoke of my own friends that have differing views and I do the same. Love can be stronger than our differences. It was a nice moment in a realm I honestly didn't think I'd ask him about... but after opening the 2nd bottle of beer, I had no problem. LOL.
Anyway, so much more when I get through all this footage, I just had to make an entry about those 20 seconds. I think I've watched it 20 times. It's unbelievable to me each time. As is the following picture that will be hanging at the bar very soon:
Alright, VIRTUAL REALITY starts tomorrow...