9:22 PM, Tuesday, October 11th, 2016:
So Charles Barkley is hosting a new TNT show on race relations and he's having My man MO'KELLY be the radio host he visits in between segments throughout the series. How, cool, is, that...
...now for some reason, Mo is just the nicest fucking guy on the planet, knows I'm a HUGE NBA fan, and invited me down to meet Sir Charles as well as the producer he's friends with. The guy is always looking for "content" and Mo knows if I have one thing, it's content. So this is about as good a mix of business and pleasure as one can have. Quick video....
Now they needed a guy to call-in for this and of course that was me. And I actually feel bad because I kind of undercut the entire point of their conversation. LOL. The producer was glad I brought it up, but even Barkley was like "dude, we're just trying to start a conversation here..." The issue was about how races were portrayed on TV/film and media... but it felt like a conversation that was from 1993. Who the hell is watching Network Television anymore? Network news? Hell, even cable news? Seriously? And does it even matter that there are more diverse roles for minorities when everyone surrounds themselves with their own media? We're in an internet age where we create islands of information and entertainment and are never forced to see outside of EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT. 30 years ago, primetime TV meant something, because everyone watched it. If you had a black family like the Cosby's it had a HUGE impact on the zeitgeist of America... not now. What the fuck is the NBC lineup? I haven't the slightest idea. My entertainment is netflix and sports. Period. My news comes from a dozen sources through social media. I poke my head into cable news for election shit every now and then, but it usually drives me nuts within a few minutes and I go back to whatever I was doing.
The world has completely changed. This conversation is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy late. It's what old people talk about.
...probably not the thing to bring up when this was the entire foundation of the show. LMFAO. That's what we're laughing about in the video and he actually thanked me for doing that as did the producer who said they NEED a push towards youth. Funny that I'd be youth, but I guess I am a little more in touch with the social media world and the effect on everyone than most people my age.
Of course, all this makes me want to do is the talk show I wanted to do with Mo talking about race. I love Barkley to death, but he's talking on a very surface level and I think the answers are so unbelievably complex. He does good by being so freaking affable, people will want to listen to him. Even if he's saying goofy shit, you laugh and that brings down some walls...
...but the deeper issue, and why it feels like we're going backwards, is because we can now completely segregate our lives from anyone different than us. In ways we never could before. Sports is the only area we can't isolate ourselves which is why Kaepernick is pissing everyone off SO FUCKING MUCH. They can't unfriend that. They like football, so they have to deal with this story. Sports is the only place everyone comes together anymore. The rest of life is completely segregated. From entertainment to friends... community has evaporated thanks to the internet and the social media revolution. It's pretty intense.
But I got to meet Charles freaking Barkley and made a good business contact with this producer. Who knows what happens next! Thank you MO! Congrats on this huge career jump. TNT Barkley show? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? You may even hear yours truly in the segment.
Good times.