11:10 PM, Sunday, October 9th, 2016:
This is like a Journey video from 2002...
...and I guess that's appropriate for my birthday because it's the only time I attempt to think in that vein anymore. Last year I was so sick of it I barely had an entry, my 40th birthday to boot, and didn't have a party... nothing. That part of my ego is just not there. I am no longer that dude. I have actual hats! I'm a husband and father and that's more than a full-time job. I get to wear the business hat, the career hat, the construction hat... and they all MEAN something - as opposed to before when I was just circling the drain. So guess what hat I don't have much time for? Pensive, self-reflecting hat. Yeah... maybe at 80. Too busy now. Happily.
However, going over the files from the game today I must admit that's the shot that hit me. A few years ago I would've been utterly bewildered. I'm a life-long Bears fan, so why do I have a St. Lous Rams jersey on? What the fuck is a GolfKon? #9? Am I in the fucking FRONT ROW at an NFL game?
So we got back to the house with Don to see the final debate which was basically my nervous ass pacing for 90 minutes. Fuck that was awful. This whole thing is awful. I want it over. It's so ridiculously stupid. An entire month left?!??! UGGGGH. Don took me and T to sushi and it was a pretty good birthday. Actually, it was quite a bit like any gameday or date night which, well, makes life even sweeter.
Who knew it could be this good?