4:10 PM, Saturday, October 8th, 2016:
I've been reticent to talk politics within The Journey. Mainly because Facebook is far more interactive and I get it out of my system there... but more than that? My heart isn't in it. To say I'm disillusioned with the electorate is to say the least. There is no discussion this year that has anything remotely resembling politics (something I love to discuss). Trump is built completely fabricated conspiracy theories and the hate for Hillary is ALSO completely built on conspiracy theories. Once you work though them and figure out the truth? This is the stupidest discussion in the history of politics... and not even remotely political. It's a mix of awful media and an internet strem of fake news that idiots can't decipher. Now throw in actual racism and actual misogyny? It's a powder-keg of stupid that even if we avoid President Trump isn't going anywhere. The only way we don't go through this shit again in 4 years is an EPIC landslide... which with Hillary's unfavorables isn't likely...
...or is it?
This tape is pretty amazing. I mean, the man is not only admitting to sexual assault, he's bragging about it. Whew. I'm not naive enough to think men don't do these things, but mother fuck I've never been around men that BRAG about doing it. This has made me have some pretty frank discussions with every male friend I have. All of them have said the same thing: this ain't "locker room" talk. This is lefit, predatory behavior that even PREDATORS know you probably shouldn't BRAG about. That's the part that just creeps me the fuck out. Forget the fact that they had mic'd him up, shot the first part of the interview IN the bus, then DURING THE CAMERA MOVE this happens. They simply went outside to get the shot of the bus rolling up and them walking out and Trump goes into all this with the host and the crew? People he DOESN'T KNOW? Add yet ANOTHER layer of crazy: not only bragging about it to friends or even acquaintances: TO STRANGERS! Like this is perfectly normal!
What, the, fuck.
For all intents and purposes, this election is over. No one survives from this. Even teflon Don. Polling will be insane for the next week or so in Hillary's favor and then tighten up the week before bringing us pretty much right back to where we are now: she'l win by about 5 points nationally and a somewhat comfortable electoral college win ala Obama in 2012. I still just believe her unfavorables are too high for him to match the Obama-McCain win...
...but it could also be an about-face landslide if the GOP decides to distance themselves and stand up to this. It's really a "Come to Jesus" moment for the party. And it could very well rip it apart. I don't know what they'll do to be honest, but this is easily the worst October surprise I've ever seen. SO much so, I had to throw the camera on me and Talya while watching it unfold last night...
I still can't believe that even happened. His handlers must be losing their minds. The most obvious moment to straight-up: APOLOGIZE. Fall on the sword. Don't add qualifiers, don't make a political statement, don't start ATTACKING YOUR OPPONENT, don't IMMEDIATELY play it down... this was a SET-UP video which he could've scripted ANY, WAY, HE, WANTED. The easiest political move you can possibly make is doing a video like this. And he couldn't even make it through THAT correctly. Criminey.
I cannot wait to see the debate tomorrow (on my birthday no less). I don't know how he recovers from this. I really don't. I think he will go down to his base of idiots and he loses all independents. All of 'em. Well, that can't be true... she'd win by 10 points. Could she win by TEN? Man, I just think it's too early for that kind of implosion. I think she'll be up 10 next week but it will saunter back down to 7 and of course they'll throw some shit at her... maybe someone will leak the 30,000 deleted emails? Who knows. But the chance of Trump catching up and overtaking? Yeah, that door shut with the release of that tape. Just the biggest October surprise I've ever witnessed.