1:00 PM, Sunday, October 2nd, 2016:
Yaaaaaaaaaay, 4.
So Vienna finally seemed to have fun at her party this time. Usually it's far too overwhelming but she's a lot more comfortable around everyone now and it's pretty cute. What's also pretty cute is watching the dads exhaustedly drag their children to the party, stumble into the kitchen...
...and then try to process the backyard.
"Is that a bar? IS THAT A TIME MACHINE?" Several new dads at this one had quite a shock. Good times.
Once again the bouncy house was a hit, the backyard was a hit - and when we move the couches around and it opens the whole house up and somehow we can fit 50 people at our place. Hard to believe really. As a kid I always remember how exciting it was to have kids I only knew from school suddenly be at my house. I think it's really special to have your parties at your home (not that there's anything wrong with the playplaces, etc.) but I'm partial to these get togethers. I hope the kids see it that way too...
Alright, gotta get to work on yet ANOTHER GODDAMNED REEL. This time for celebrities (like Mr. Wendt) who haven't the slightest idea what GolfKon is and why they're helping out.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY V! What a sweet little girl you've become. ;-)