10:32 AM, Thursday, September 30th, 2016:
It's getting surreal. If I had to list the people I would want to be at my bar...
...George Wendt would without a doubt be the first name on the list. NORM! How is this even happening? Is this even happening? Do I believe it's going to happen? WHAT IS HAPPENING ADAM.
So I see a Facebook friend take a pic with George at Taste Chicago in Burbank. Totally random - I realize, well, duh, he's from here. I had tried to add George awhile back and I saw Chicago as his city and always just assumed he had moved back after the show. I texted the friend the moment he put the picture up, but George was already gone and he didn't really know him.
But I was able to see George's mutual friends and incredibly, Jeff Doucette (the guy who helped me connect with Gedde Watanabe) was connected as well as Chicago connections, Jim O'Heir and Joel Murray. I put out the word, and before you know it George contacted me and VOILA. He said "let's do it" in regards to the charity event.
Now unfortunately he's super busy. We sat and compared schedules throughout the day calling each other back and texting and there's no weekend evening he can make it to the actual event. Damnit. What he can do however is what Gedde did: pre-tape a bit or interview that we can package into the event. I'm bummed because having him at the event would certainly allow for the news to come out and we're long overdue for that happening again, but scheduling is a nigthmare for sure.
Therein lies the problem with pulling any of this off. It requires business sponsors, a charity, one or two celebrities willing to pre-tape something to then get the media interested and EVERYONE has to show up, on time at the event. And the likelihood of any of those things happening requires the rest of those things already being comitted to. If you have the celebrity, the business sponsors are more likely to agree, but the celebrity doesn't want to commit without the sponsors and charity nailed down. It's like trying to cast a movie and director. It's not fun.
Oh and the celebrity has to match the course or sign or whatever the hell we're doing. It's maddening and I'm doing it by myself. Thankfully, I get moments like this where Norm from Cheers wants to hang at the bar I built in my backyard. Stop for a second and process that...
...this is what makes me believe there's a TV show within the square footage of my backyard. Every "dad" has some grand idea of building something in his garage or in his basement or in his backyard that his friends and family will enjoy. Or that will get some attention. But has any dad, EVER, built a bar in his backyard and George Fucking Wendt sits down to have a drink?
I mean, mother fucker. How is this possible? Goddamn am I proud of the absuridty of this entry.