12:01 AM, Wednesday, September 28th, 2016:
Well, we're definitely getting to the moment in parenthood where things are starting to fly. Whereas I used to say The Journey makes each year feel like a full YEAR, Vienna turning 3 and today does not feel like a year. Not even a little. It's probably becuase the changes aren't as drastic as those first 2 years... from now until puberty she's just going to get a bit bigger and a lot smarter, etc. Which means UNTIL puberty, I'm gonna have a blast with her and the years are going to FLYYYYYYYYYY by. It's a coin-flip how the teen years will go, but I'm holding out hope that my personality type is very well suited for extreme hormonal changes and keeping the peace.
FOR NOW HOWEVER.... It's Ernie time...
Awwwww. Goddamn I love that kid. I said it in the Father's Day entry with the slip -n- slide but there's a shift that happens that is pretty spectacular with your kids where they don't just need you... they like you. Obviously they don't always like you and it's a constant in your head that it is not your job to be liked... but there are moments when they genuinely just love being with you. I adore making them laugh, I adore making them sing... and there is quite a difference between girls and boys. My connection with Vienna will always be extremely special as I do indeed feel far more responsiblity to be a role model for her than I do with Cameron. Hell, half the time with Cameron I'm concerned I'm putting pressure on him every second by the amount of things I do and do well. With Vienna however, it's full steam ahead - be the best male human I can be and make certain she feels validated and equal. I don't know what her country is going to look like when she's an adult. In fact, I don't have a lot of faith after that first debate and people's reaction to it... but I know I can make a bubble around her for a little bit with love and I'm certainly saving money for if we do actually have to move. Talya and I have indeed been around the world and those options aren't as drastic as it might be to others...
...we are however in a bit of a vacuum in California so it could be some time before extreme changes actually affect US. Time will tell, but it's on the table. I'll absolutely move to give them a better life. It's stunning that the electorate has been so dumbed down that that's even on the table, but it is what it is. I need to react accordingly.
Back on track: Vienna is an absolute pleasure to be around lately. There was a massive shift where suddenly she became considerate. Like, considerate FIRST. Thinks of how things affect her brother, etc. It's very sweet. It dis-a-fucking-ppears when she's tired or hungry... but it's there. It ain't really there yet with Cam... but I can sit and make full on jokes with Vienna and actually expand her reality a bit. It's a magical time being inside her brain at this age. Seeing her problems, helping her solve them, watching her figure things out on her own and generally just laughing. A bunch. 3-4 is just hilarious. I know that there will be a minor shift before puberty that will make me miss this time frame a BUNCH so I'm holding on as much as possible. Taking as much video as I can... generally soaking in all the time.

And her art... man, I've mentioned this on Facebook, but about a year ago we noticed something in how she drew that was different. I will always be the father that doesn't rave about his children unless it's extraordinary because I hate that shit. I think giving kids a sense of BEING AMAZING when they're not is tantamount to abuse. A few months ago however she colored this...
That's not normal for a 3 year old. That's 5-6 year range. It's not just that she's in the lines, she's using a rainbow color effect that just stand out from anything in that age range (that I've seen, and we see a LOT of art in pre-school). Even more abstract was this...
If you look closely to the right, those are actually faces on the 4 girls. The way her brain sees shapes and the way she decides to color them in, again, is a little beyond her years right now.

Now, with most developmental things at early ages a year from now she may be in exactly the same place as others have caught up. There's a lot of FAST jumps and long plateaus. Her being advanced or abstract now may not translate later on. But right now, it's all she does. She cannot stop coloring and drawing. She is very methodical and focused and she's had that since before she was 1. As Ernie said, I really can't wait to see where she is a year from now.
Well, actually, I'm happy to wait. ;-)
Happy birthday, hon.