4:45 PM, Thursday, September 22nd, 2016:
IT IS DONE! Sit back and enjoy one helluva presentation:
...now the black space for spoilers...
MOTHER FUCK. MOTHER FUCK. A GODDAMN (-21) and I STILL FUCKING LOSE. GODDAMNIT. I wanted this so bad. I wanted this sooooooooooooo bad. I gotta hand it to Matt, he ALWAYS plays his best against me. I mean, wow. When he hits the eagle on 30 my reaction is just anger. Now that all of THAT is out of the way...
...holy SHIT this is NOT my backyard when in a tournament. This was probably the most pressure filled 2 hours I can remember... ever? So much stress on EVERY hole. A painstaking THIRTY, SIX, HOLES. I just can't express how exhausting that is... when it's CLOSE. Matt and I were within a stroke of each other for over 30 holes. It was just maddening.
You may also have noticed the "reaction" shots are now hole specific thanks to what felt like goofy direction on my part at the time, but really, really works out well. Everyone sitting with each other really helps film it. And eventually I want locked down cameras on the entire course.
The other issue is one I don't think there's a good solution to: the stuff we're saying live is entertaining, but once you add announcers, there's no room to fit it all in. If we didn't EDIT the video first, then there would be... but then it would be 2 hours long. So... it just gets crazy pacing wise... but The Memorial was completely unwatchable to me because we did it LIVE. It's very, very long. I love the commentary though and it really helps the average viewer follow along. They're also quite funny. So yay.
Also - DOUBLE eagles in playoffs?!?!?! WHAT? Cam and Vienna interviews?!?! FUCKING ADORABLE. GLOW IN THE DARK BALLS!?!?! Such good stuff. Love this tournament, love this video.
Onto Halloween!