9:56 PM, Saturday, September 17th, 2016:
What the serious shit is this...
I mean... how?
So Don came by to practice and watch the first half of the Rams game and he looks around... "Dude, you need more blackness with these themes man." Ha. He brought up Breakin' and I'm like - HOLY SHIT! Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo was my JAM at 9. I thought Turbo was the coolest dude ever. So I added him on Facebook...
...and the next morning he's already looked at all my shit and wants to come to GolfKon and do something with the Time Machine.
<blink> He asks for my number, we talk and he wants to bring his 10 year old son up on the weekend. Just, jesus. Wow. So it was! Hung out for a couple hours, talking about what he was doing, brainstorming on a way to incorporate Breakin' into the course (harder than you can imagine with my parameters for what I will and won't allow on the course). It was very fun.
The big issue for me, design-wise, is that everything about Breakin' is COLORS. RAINBOW COLORS. The reason GolfKon works is that I maintain the color scheme no matter what (Wheel of Fish is the outlier, but it's also hidden on the course). We are running out of room and turthfully, the remainng 4 holes are being saved for the big guns: Indiana Jones, Star Wars or The Goonies.

However the idea of turning the tree table next to Hole 1 into a turntable, etc. crossed my mind. Something can be done, for sure. Just gotta let it sit for a bit. Michael wants to do something ASAP, but you just can't rush shit at GolfKon. These changes are permanent. I don't want rotating themes for holes, I like the permanence of it. We can also always theme a bar, a bench, the booth, etc. Just have to let it rattle around in my brain during my bouts with insomnia to figure out how it's gonna go down. But it will go down...
...JUST LIKE THE SOONERS BITCHES. Whew. We have a season! Cannot believe the talent OSU lost and we're sitting here again with the pieces to win a championship. Very glad I was born in Columbus. ;-)

GO BUCKS. Go Hollywood Saturdays. Go Turbo.