12:36 PM, Sunday, August 28th, 2016:
Realized I left you all with a bit of a cliffhanger in the last video. LOL. I've been wanting to documenting the nightly DANCE PARTIES we have...
This is followed by some books, then me playing pretty stuff while they look at books in bed and finally lights out, white noise on, and the hush song:
It feels like I need to document this because in moments it will be gone. I feel so acutely aware of that fact because of The Journey. That's truly the zen of documenting the moment. Most people see it as anti-zen because you're preserving the past and not floating downstream, but once you've done it this long? It makes you aware IMMEDIATELY of what COUNTS. "Ooh, this is an entry" has to go through my head at least 8 times a month, 100 times a year.. or it has for the last 17 years. That discipline makes you pretty self-aware of moments that deserve to be chronicled...
...of course I document far more than what's in this journal, but those are supposed to be private. That's what Talya and I flip through sometimes seeing the progression of the kids, etc. The Journey is different... and honestly it still hasn't changed it's M.O. I only do entries about things that effect my person. Truly change my character. This routine is a part of who I am more than honestly anything else. Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it, sometimes I sleepwalk through it, sometimes I sing better than I have in years... it's a part of who I am everyday and those are the things I love to look at down the road. A helluva lot more than the awful "journey" entries about the industry.
This is parenthood. This is 40. ;-)