1:29 PM, Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016:
Man did I call THAT shit. Being a realist certainly does have its advantages. And can I just take a moment and tell you how proud I am of that Journey Title? Almost makes it worth all this shit.
Where should I start, uhm, well, since this JUST happened we'll go backwards chronologically since the OOMPH is fresh.
"Jeff followed up with Trutv and ultimately they decided to pass on the project.
While they really liked you they thought that the format didn’t work for them."
I'll refrain from explaining what it took to get that information, but suffice to say this didn't just happen today. Why did I have to be a communication major. Fuck.
Now, what does this mean? Well... they left it open-ended but the realist in me says that they felt that was their best shot and this will be the last of the pitches. I'll write back to them maybe once every two months until April 2017 when my deal is up, but I believe they felt that was their shot. Time will tell. Hope I'm wrong. Sadly, I'm pretty good at reading the tea leaves in this respect...
Yesterday I wrote to my contact at Geeking Out and he confirmed what I had suspected:
"Hey Adam,
Yeah I wish there was news but we are only shooting 1 piece in the upcoming weeks and I'm actually done on the show September 10th.
If I'm being totally honest, I'm not sure this is going to happen this season. The notes from the network has been that they want more talk and less field pieces so we've had to cut back. I'm really sorry man, I really think we could cut an amazing piece about you and your story. This season is only 9 episodes but I'm really hoping we can do a second season and get you on here. It seems like such a no brainer.
Wish I had better news,
Please keep in touch though! We gotta make this happen!"
Now to say I like Rich is to say the fucking least. He is honest, clear, to the point, also stuck in the middle between what his bosses tell him and what he has to tell others and he handles it beautifully. They don't make a lot of people like Rich in this industry and it stands to reason he's from Canada and somewhat new in the industry. Please don't lose this quality brother. It means everything to the people you interact with.
I texted Greg who was also very cool:
However, when you put all the info together with what's being aired right now on their show? I think it's going in a different direction. "More talk and less field pieces" means if they even DO have a field piece, it's going to need to have a really legit reason. Meaning, talking to JJ Abrams at Universal Studios. That's the field pieces they're going to do. They'll leave the cheaper in-studio segments for everything else, but if they DO go outside the studio? It has to be for a reason that can rationalize the extra money. GolfKon only made sense when field pieces were in-balance with their talk pieces (which, honestly is what I've liked about the show so far)... if they're cutting back on field pieces even if there's a second season the show is far too different than what it was originally. C'est, La, Vie. This is actually the bigger bummer to me than Chasing Heroes. The credibility of having Kevin Smith spotlighting GolfKon on a national show threw my entire career/life into the "unknown uknowns" arena. Here's hoping it IS picked up for a 2nd season and this still works out. I know Greg seems positive about making it happen but it's also out of his control... the network wants more talk, less field? THEY GET THAT. It takes a little timing.
So nowwwwwwwwwwww what do I do? Man, I really want to make an old-school Hats & Minigolf episode with Frangela. I just miss making that show. I guess just having friends over and drinking at my bar will help too. LMAO. And so it is! Drinks & Minigolf this Saturday night!!!
Oh and the video. Kind of interesting (probably only for me)... when I got the news on Chasing Heroes I noticed I was starting to stare into space and play through what everything meant, etc. So I set up a camera and pointed it at the area of GolfKon I'm presently working on and forgot about it. I wanted to see how that looked. Interesting 3 minutes to me and kind of the heart of what The Journey is: capturing these moments that everyone tries to hide from. Now, believe me, I wrote this entry and video IMMEDIATELY so it would be in the fucking PAST because I do NOT want to dwell on this or keep it hanging over my head... but I do take it in. Feel it. Chronicle it. It's what keeps me going.
What's funny is that is probably the most I'll sit and ponder everything. As I said in the last entry, this just doesn't hold the same power over me anymore. It's kind of like winning GolfKon events. It's not that I don't care... believe me, I REALLY FUCKING WANT TO WIN. But it's so compartmentalized in my life. I can't even practice because it seems like a waste of time. Ya know? So it must not mean THAT much.
I believe there is consumable media content in my backyard with my story anchoring it. And I don't just think it's a news segment or documentary segment. That's it. I believe that sentence. So, I keep poking stuff, doing stuff and enjoying the creativity that comes from my backyard. It's interesting to me. But I've had more life encompassing relationships with a VIDEO GAME than with my career at this age. I keep going because it's there. The right timing and idea will work and it's a cool challenge. Just like I know I can win the freaking Labor Day Tournament in a couple weeks.
Alright, the entry is done. MOVING ON...