11:10 AM, Friday, August 19th, 2016:
This entry is basically the voice-over script to this video, so it's a little more entertaining simply clicking this:
Presuming you can't see that, here ya go:
So, it's occurring to me that I'm in the midst of an old-school Journey pattern that 10 years ago kicked my ass and ended with one helluva break.
What was once a foregone conclusion when the producers of Geeking Out needed my schedule for the
first week of August to location scout and shoot our segment is now completely up in the air for
no actual reason. Very generic statements of "they are trying to figure out what stories
they are going to be covering and which episodes those stories are gonna be falling into" as the
weeks pass.
10 years ago I was booked on the first season of America's Got Talent. They gave me the callback,
told me to be ready for the rehearsals THAT DAY - and the taping on friday and saturday...
...then called back and said - "well, we're not sure now..." Only answer I ever got was
"they are putting a balance of acts on the show". That still boggles my mind 10 years later.
Geeking Out of course is different, the first two episodes had Matt Damon and JJ Abrams on. I mean, for fuck's sake if you can book that talent you book that talent. It's laughable to even discuss
GolfKon in that company...
...but the whole: "hey we're shooting next week!" And you spend that week fucking KILLING yourself
to prepare everything and then it all kinda just evaporates without an actual "NO." It's why I always say
JUST GIVE ME THE NO. Sure I want the yes, but I can handle rejection. "Ghosting" on the other hand is excruciating. Having weeks pass with no answer until they just run out of episodes to put you in
is kinda nutty. Especially when they were already booking times to shoot.
In 2006 there was a lot of this for me. Booked on Olbermann for Let's Bomb Iran, and then getting bumped because Limbaugh was nailed for oxycontin. Losing Living Room Live... it was one thing after another and then...
...the magic happened with CBS. So if this is foreshadowing at all, good things are on the horizon.
But I put this entire video together because today, a family from Japan bought the Marty Package and GolfKon was a tourist destination. They played minigolf. They rode in the time machine. Tomorrow they go to Universal Studios. Like... this was a paid for, planned STOP on their vacation and in fact, RentTheDelorean.com was what started the whole LA trip. To say that all the entertainment bullshit just doesn't register the same way it did 10 years ago, is to say the very least. My life is a fairy tale. My family is amazing. Every, single, day ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING can happen and often does.
So Lucy, feel free to pull the football away for 17th time as it pertains to Geeking Out or my own show,
Chasing Heroes, because I'm playing so many sports I win no matter what.
I'll still keep trying to kick the fuck out of that football, mind you. I still have it in me. My world
is just so much bigger now.
Oh and, Geeking Out and Chasing Heroes could absolutely still happen and be wildly successful and this video will just be a gigantic waste of time. But that too is "The Journey".