11:31 AM, Tuesday, August 16th, 2016:
So earlier this year I did what's probably the most "CEO" thing ever: bought the most expensive season tickets for the Rams with Don. 50 yardline section, Row 2. Truthfully? We may only go to 1 or 2 games and plan to sell the rest to recoup our money and hold our place in line for when the new stadium opens. Then again, new stadium = personal seat licenses which is a scam I will have no part of. Mainly because I just, don't, like, watching football in person. If this were the Lakers? Yeah, I'd be all over this. For football, unless it's The Buckeyes? Not exactly a passion. I am happy that LA has a team and I can see taking the family to a game or two in the future, but they're too young now.
However, game one meant one thing: ZEKE. Ezekiel Elliot was drafted by the Cowboys and is set up to absolutely destroy the competition with that offensive line. I am not a Cowboys fan, but goddamnit am I rooting for them now. Zeke is probably my favorite player on the Buckeyes since Eddie George. He has the right combination of skills to translate to the NFL and the bar for him is HIIIIIIIGH. So Don and I took Jimmy to the game so we could literally TALK to Zeke we were so close...
How fun is that. Man, seeing a game that close is really intense. It's obviously not the greatest view for seeing plays develop, but it's all a catch-22 (which is why football is awesome on TV). Once that 5-10 second play is done, you want to see all the close-up stuff and man, sitting this close to the sideline is unreal. Just watching what the players do in between plays and again being close enough to TALK to them? Wow. I mean, it was very fun. Even got Zeke to give us an O-H! Although he seemed confused by it all: like, my first game in the NFL and I'm doing Buckeye chants?! Ha. You'll always be a Buckeye, brother.
Unfortunately they didn't play him yet, he's got a tight hamstring issue, but seeing him suited up and going through warm-ups: just awesome. He really has the world on his shoulders this year, far too much for a rookie, but if anyone can pull it off: he can.
Also - THE RAMS! First game in LA in over 20 years: electric. 90-fucking-thousand people showed up. From the NFL:
"Los Angeles serenaded the Rams with largest crowd to ever watch a preseason football game in United States history with nearly 90,000 fans in attendance. The official attendance for the game was 89,140."
That's crazy. AND?!??! It was a great game. Comeback win for the home team! Wow. Just, wow. Very fun, very cool...
...and I'm still gonna sell every ticket possible. Why? Because my family won't dig it now. The kids are too young, the games are too long, the travel is too hard. I'll happily take them all to a Laker game this year, but even that may be tough at their age. Football is a LOT more boring to kids as it's confusing as fuck with a ton of down time. Outdoors, sun is HOT, just not really a family event right now. But as an investment? We'll do juuuuuuuuuuust fine. ;-)
Welcome Home Rams!