9:49 PM, Tuesday, July 26th, 2016:
Man, even the good news with Collins Avenue has a layer of confusion and concern. Ugh. Let's start from the top shall we:
"Hey Adam
The initial meeting went well at Trutv and the president of our company, Jeff wants to show a bit of you interviewing celebs.
So we want to keep the reel that we have and add a few of the interview segments into it. Which extends the length of it, but he feels like it is what they will need to pitch it in their next meeting.
I think from 1:18 – 2:13 on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JdULbtrxAw
Is pretty good. Maybe lose the dharma and greg part.
Then add the divorces & age bits at 4:42 – 4:54 & 5:06 – 5:33 as well. That would help beef up the reel and show the different types of things people would talk about and still keep it light and funny.
Let me know how long you think it will take to get it done, and if you have any questions."
So, yay! Great news...
...except. Is that where this is going? Collins clearly passed on the interview show and it turned into this challenge show. The contract I signed was clearly NOT for the interview show... so what happens if TruTV ends up wanting that? Do we renegotiate? I guess we cross that bridge when/if we get there but to say I'm a little annoyed is to say the least. I was always passionate about Hats & Minigolf (duh, clearly), they passed on it and had a different genre which I just accepted and if it ends up the interview show is what worked in the first place? FUUUUUUUUUUCK.
Anyway, I made the new reel...
...which makes me miss H&M even more. Either way, we've certainly moved to another level. I kind of understand the process now, the president of TruTV (I think Chris Linn) now takes it to his development team and pitches to THEM. Isn't this odd without me having met anyone? Or sat down and talked to even Jeff Collins?!?!? I, just, don't they want to vet a motherfucker before they get to this stage? Strange, but I've stopped wondering why things work the way they do in this industry.
I just keep buidling. Onward.