9:49 PM, Tuesday, July 26th, 2016:
AHHH. Geeking Out just wrote and asked what my schedule was like next week for shooting. Fuck.
So I told them Thursday the 4th (since Friday is Date Night) and I think if I really hunker down with 14-16 hour days I can pull off the Die Hard Hole... but goddamn, I thought I had until Labor Day for that.
...but HOLY SHIT this is happening!!! I think I'm gonna feel that way every single step of the way. When they come out for a location scout, when they set the date (when they break the date and reassign it), etc. etc. Until I see them standing in my backyard I won't believe it...
...and then absolutely will presume it's being cut. I swear to you I'm not a defeatist, I am a realist. It's just how this works. But for now? I have to cut this short and start working. I thought I had 6 full weeks and now I have 9 days. So I am kinda freaking out - but that's how shit gets DONE. Without deadlines, things linger. That's why the 6 GolfKon Events per year are so awesome for finishing things: I can't have the course a disaster for the events, so I have to COMPLETE everything to a "hosting" shine.
And now for a SHOOTING shine. Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we go!