4:44 PM, Thursday, July 14th, 2016:
Now THAT is a tournament video. After the fiasco that was The Memorial, we've got ourselves an awesome example of a GolfKon Tournament! Very proud to share this...
Some black space for spoilers...
So clearly, editing the piece and THEN having them announce is the way to go. Not even close. In fact, I knew this but because of how awesome the broadcast booth is, I felt it was necessarty to at least TRY a live one.

This flies by. It's far more enticing to viewers and of course the actual end of this tournament: are you kidding me? Holy fuck. I've never seen a meltdown like that from not only Matt... but anyone. He HAD that thing. What an incredible turnaround and amazingly? Michael now has a chance to sweep the majors a feat I never thought would happen after 2013 because we're all soo evenly matched now. Just, wow. I love this tournament and I can't help but think these videos have a place somewhere on some network somehow. I can't shake it. Competition shows are just so freaking difficult to place in today's world. Ran into the same shit with FOUR in 2010 which I still believe should've been picked up. But where?
Anyway... time to focus on Labor Day and the new zero shot for Hole 9! GOLF HARD.