9:32 PM, Tuesday, July 12th, 2016:
And here we go! This is the final Chasing Heroes Reel that Jeff will be taking to NY on the 24th to show the peeps at TruTV...
...ya know what's crazy? Creatively getting that reel under 3 minutes is the most satisfying thing I ever do. The accomplishment of a good edit surpasses literally everything else I do. My FB status:
Creatively getting a reel from 3:36 to 2:59 and barely losing anything is one of the most satisfying feelings I'll ever know. This on a day when I took apart a massive bar and saved every piece of wood and every screw AND ran a 10k. #editorforlife


It's true, I spent all day taking apart a MASSIVE bar (what used to be the broadcast booth) to prepare for the new hole for Labor Day (Nakatomi TOWER FROM DIE HARD!!!), ran a 10k in 56 minutes.... but that freaking edit... that makes me feel accomplished.
So yeah, all the political stuff is gone. And they made me take out the "fuck" LMAO. Good luck when the show gets picked up, Collins. Ha.
I'm happy everything is set and am fairly at peace either way. There's a calm around this that I can't seem to shake. I guess it's because part of me doesn't believe it will happen so I'm just humoring them because they're unaware I'm the King of Almost and this can't possibly work. HA.
Good reel. Let's see where it goes in a couple weeks.