9:23 AM, Sunday, July 3rd, 2016:
Howwwwwwwwwww do I love theeeeee.... let me show the ways:
So weird watching that video... I feel 80, like I'm watching something from long ago. We both look so FANCY. We're at ages I'm certain we'll reminisce about when we're old and creaky which begs the question: "Jesus, you can get even older and creakier??!?! FUCK."
But yes, I'm smitten with my wife. I'm smitten with "date nights", I'm smitten with these moments that I can look up from the absolute WHIRLWIND that is life right now and we can play make-believe like we're two young cats that just met and we're out on a date. I don't mean to wish away my children, that's not even remotely what I'm saying - it's more just loving the fact that we can compartmentalize so easily. Who we are as mother and father are so different at times than husband and wife. And we're on a boat! Huh? Wait now we're cleaning up pee from where Vienna MISSED. Wait, no now I'm a construction worker! No I drive a Delorean Time Machine... No, Talya is a taxi service to get those kids to school! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It's just so many hats and on nights like this we're a world away...
An obvious and massive thank you to Don for the use of the boat. It all just kind of fell into place. I was planning the fancy dinner, etc. and Talya's birthday just happened to fall on our normal date night. I spoke with Don and it was perfect timing. He of course went above and beyond, taking us out as Captain Don and then docking the boat, throwing us the keys and saying "See ya tomorrow!" Good friend. We've done some crazy things the past couple of years.
...and to Talya on her 32nd, I keep saying this: this is as good as it gets hon... and I'm fucking wrong. Like, extremely. It keeps getting better. Man, I JUST thought of this. In fact I was about to write it AGAIN. Some PTSD thing in my brain that forces me to think every moment is as good as it can be because ABSOLUTE DISASTER is coming. But the reality is, our kids although crazy, are as adorbable as they will be for a bit. There's a nice 5 year window before they're too cool for school and we're in it. We're both healthy, in shape, happy... these are indeed the good times - but I said that years ago. The things happening presently and on the horizon are amazing and life has been good (really, really good) for over 5 years. Never happened to me... ever. Stunning. As you are, my love. I can't wait to see you get older. Sounds silly, but I hold our retirement years on a pedastool with your flowing salt and pepper hair and the adventures we'll have.... you keep me romantic.
Ahh, my love.