8:33 PM, Saturday, June 25th, 2016:
Wow. That might have been the most successful party we've ever had. Everyone played together really nicely. Is that odd? A bunch of kids playing with toys, inside on a hot day... no fights, hardly ANY crying... crazy. The parents ended up looking at each other a few times like "wow, this is nice." We didn't want it to end - lol. People stayed well past the time we had allotted because it was peaceful. The bouncy house was awesome... just an all around good time. VIDEO:
Have I shown that bouncy house on The Journey yet? Apparently it's like $75-$100 to rent one? So I just bought one for $350. We've used it 5 or 6 times already. Duh. Kids love that shit. I don't get it. But I'm 40. So that's cool.
Now, about that ZERO SHOT that little fucker made. Guys, I HAVE NEVER MADE THAT SHOT. It has been made, of course, but it's really hard. I mean, REALLY hard. He doesn't even process the difficulty, he just believes he's going to do it and does it. It's crazy how much importance that kid puts on minigolf. I get it! I built the fucking thing, all he's seen his whole life is people playing it... but Vienna doesn't have REMOTELY the interest Cameron does in competition. Just a personality type thing... but Cam? He wants to be able to do it and will continue until he does. He's going to be an incredible player very soon. Very exciting.
Anyway, not much else to add - wonderful day! Lots of great gifts and man the hot wheels! LET THE GAMES BEGIN! We're gonna go full-on hot wheels in this house. I needed the excuse, but now we have it. CARS! BALLS! SPORTS!!!! THIS IS WHAT I'VE WAITED FOR FOR YEARS! From the moment I found out it was gonna be a boy 3 years ago!!!