10:11 PM, Friday, June 24th, 2016:
Tomorrow my son has his big day. Yes, some people think we're strange to celebrate this but a day is what you make it. And this poor bastard was born on Christmas and he gets his own goddamn day. That day is exactly 6 months later, on his half-birthday and we celebrate it like it's his birthday without question. Thankfully, our friends get it and they treat it as such. This is the big day. As well, he gets a song...
Catchy tune that .5 song.
Of course, what a difference a year makes when you're talking about 1 and 2... the personality is ALL-OUT at this point and I'm just gonna come right out and say it: this fucker is BARELLING through his terrible twos. I've had sit-down conversations with Vienna trying to explain the insanity that is Cameron right now. The temper tantrums are unreal. We were up with him for 3 hours the other night for no reason. He just screamed at the top of his lungs. Not in pain, just in a bad mood. Finally a Donald Duck cartoon calmed him down. Sometimes he's ok, but if it ain't going his way - ALL OUT WAR. Vienna went through this to a degree during her "Teen" months but never with as much FORCE as this kid. He can legit hurt you, so it's quite different.
Bad behavior aside... I adore this kid. Duh. He's my son. But he's extremely funny and when he's not SCREAMING about something, he's very sweet, very loving and very, very, very BOY. I know this is a touchy subject (especially for people without children - lol) but you can't imagine how engrained the boy-girl thing is in some kids. It is nature, not nurture. Blame all the cartoons and genre-specific toys you want, but this boy came out of the womb KICKING AND PUNCHING. Just as I wouldn't try and change my gay son, I can't exactly change my very gender driven son and daughter. Vienna is a girly-girl to an almost laughable degree and Cameron is the opposite. So it is. We're just supportive at this point... the children certainly know exactly who they are if you give them the space.
Alright gotta try and get some sleep - big party tomorrow! WOOT!