11:46 AM, Monday, June 20th, 2016:
Words will not suffice, so video shall...
Man, after the early part of the day bonding with Vienna, then this game with Cam? Could there BE a better Father's Day? What's crazy is - he GOT IT when Lebron missed the first free throw and by himself CHEERED when he made it. Not bad for 2. He may not understand the finer points, but he's at least gathering the pieces. How fun!
Now, that game... I mean... that, game. Yes that's the best Game 7 I've ever seen. Less than a minute to go and it's tied!?!? All the points up to that moment for the entire series made it 699-699!?!?!?! And Kyrie hits a fucking THREEEEEEEEEE? Dude. And that BLOCK? And even Kevin Love with the defensive stop?!?! WHAT??!?!? Just an amazing finish for a team that seemed destined to disappoint the city. And as proud of that group as I am... (and LeBron just surpassed Kobe in my mind) I do have to say this...

Golden State gave it away. I mean, just awful choices down the stretch of that game that had very little to do with Cleveland's defense. Totally unforced errors. That behind the back pass? Not keeping Draymond involved with the first half he had? I gotta pin some of it on Kerr to boot - it was just an awful lack of execution from a team that clearly relied mostly on improv because when they needed to do set plays to keep Green involved? Curry is chucking up 3s. Granted, he usually makes those (duh) but when you're NOT? That's when you become a champion. It's knowing how to positively effect the game when your shot isn't falling. It's why LeBron could very well be (goddamn it's hard to admit this as an MJ fan) the best to ever play when it's all said and done (in 6 or 7 years and a few rings from now). When LeBron's shot isn't falling he can do EVERYTHING ELSE and he DOES. He can play every position at an all-star level. You want to see the craziest fucking stat I've ever seen in my life?
Not only has that never been done, but I don't even know who could have ever come CLOSE to this. MAYBE in one or two games, Magic or Bill Russell could've pulled this off. 7 GAMES? EVERY CATEGORY? He's the best basketball player alive right now and I've never seen a more valuable player to a team. No one. It's not even close. The Cavs were a LOTTERY team and the WORST team the 4 years he was gone. Not simply bad, the WORST TEAM in the NBA. They had Kyrie! Still, worst team in the league. He comes there and takes them to the CHAMPIONSHIP in ONE YEAR. Loses both Kyrie and Love and still gets them to a Game 6 last year. This year they do it again and win it all.
You put Jordan on the worst team in his prime, he couldn't have done that. No one should EVER be expected to do that. LeBron has also done it with pretty sub-par coaches. We forget that MJ and Kobe had Phil Jackson. That guy was pretty good. LMAO. You can say that MJ made those around him better, but looking back? That coach was brilliant at bringin the most out of players. Not to take anything away from MJ, what he demanded from his teammates is the stuff of legend, but LeBron is on a different level. He just is. And if he keeps winning? He could easily go to 10 Finals and win 6 of them. So... I'll happily have that debate in 7 years. Whew. What a career.
And again, what a great Father's Day. It was the right choice not to go. Someday I'll take Cameron to a Game 7 and it'll be my first. The timing was just a little off in 2016.