10:35 AM, Sunday, May 15th, 2016:
There's a mid-western pattern that I broke by moving to Los Angeles. It goes something like this:
If you go to school, follow the rules and get a good job, you will work your way up, be financially stable and have the American dream. There are those that go to school, follow the rules, get a good job, get laid off, get another job, move up, get laid off, realize the rules suddenly don't apply anymore and they make enough to live but... they're rightfully angry. They see other people having success and their first instinct is they had some level of good fortune. Those people were given something that they didn't get.
"We can't all own a Delorean."
Those 6 words were written to me in a comment section of a status I posted which ironically was about how much I value time and the ability to create over money. From a mid-western facebook friend who happens to be a Bernie Sanders supporter and a vocal one at that (are there any other types?!?!). I bring Bernie up for one reason: at the foundation of nearly every single one of his supporters (and Trump supporters to a degree) is this idea that everything is stacked against them and only the rich or lucky are happy. It's the banks! THEY get bailed out! Why can't I get bailed out!
Is that a serious question? Do people really wonder why it was smarter to loan the banks money with interest rather than Bob down the street? We profitted 15.3 BILLION DOLLARS from TARP. It saved the entire economy. It was what needed to happen. That just is. If you have a proven track record of being able to make money? You will get loans. It's why this whole attitude of "THEY GET ALL THE BREAKS" is defeatist and just, not very smart? Is that shitty to say?
So we come back to "We can't all own a Delorean".
You are being stopped from taking a loan and starting a business? Really? I know guys that came to this country and can't even speak ENGLISH that sacrificed their whole fucking LIVES to get here, got a business loan and own their own store/restaurant, etc. Wait, know a guy?!??! My bad, MY GRANDFATHER LITERALLY jumped ship 50 years ago, came to this country and opened a restaurant and I STILL can't understand half the shit that fucker says. He didn't sleep for several years. He worked 18 hour days. He probably wasn't the best father or husband for awhile. He didn't go to the movies or have a hobby. He made those choices.
Now, I personally have never wanted my own business. Was never willing to sacrifice my relationships or my free time to make more and more money. My philosophy was ALWAYS to downsize and live below my means. Doing that meant more free time to do The Journey, to create GolfKon, to be me. Then one day everything I created opened an opportunity I wouldn't normally have gone after. So taking that loan in 2014 to start a business was with extreme reservation and making 6 figures with that business in 2015 meant I sacrificed a LOT of time with my family (though ironically still less than a normal 9-5). It was a bittersweet year. But I paid off the car, I have money saved for rainy days and now I have the free time to push my TV show and get in shape, etc. It was a MASSIVE risk and took a TON of sacrifice. I have a track record of failing like NO ONE ELSE yet I continuing to believe in myself through what most people consider insurmountable odds. I can't even watch the 2000-2010 documentary anymore because it's so overwhelmingly awful how hard that shit was... but hey...
...we can't all own a Delorean.
Whew. That sentence speaks volumes about what that dude has seen, what that dude has been taught and what that dude will CONTINUE to feel as he ages. He is a college educated white male living in the United States. That's about as much privilege as one human being can get. He's made choices to pursue his dreams to be an actor and a comedian and what he fails to realize is... THAT is more important than making money. Dude, you're winning. If you really really cared THAT MUCH about money? You wouldn't be an ACTOR. You don't get into the arts to make money, you get into the arts because you can't stay away from it! You create because it's lke breathing. Believe me, I get it. If you were at a job making 6 figures a year you'd want to fucking DIE after awhile. I've been at those jobs. I lasted about 6 months. I made a small fortune at them, but holy shit, I can't even SPEAK to those people. And their new cars, and their gold chains and their outlook on life and bitching about TAXES. I am an artist, I live to create and express and communicate and experience life. Ironically, this dude and I chose the same path, yet somehow he still cares that "big banks" get "bailed out". How does that even REGISTER on a list of things to care about when you're an artist? It just baffles me.
And the other aspect of all of this is the belief that just owning a Delorean is why I made that money. That actually brings the "chest puffing" portion of my psyche RIGHT THE FUCK out. There's 3 nearly identical Time Machines in this CITY that had their cars WELLLLLLL before I did. I out-hustled them to an unbelievable degree. I produced commercials, got press, did free events, built multiple websites... basically just fucking kicked as much ass and sacrificed as much sleep as a human being could do all while starting 2014 with a 15 month old and a 1 week old. FUCK. But of course...
...we can't all own a Delorean.

But that last aspect is the least of why I'm writing... it's indeed this entire political ideal that makes me PERSONALLY a libertarian/conservative/rugged individualist personality type while fully realizing that's not a good governing mantra. It's the mistake everyone seems to make in politics today. They think that their personal outlook on life has anything to do with how a government should govern. We need a government to help the weakest among us - the strongest will always find a way. A government is about a safety net for our security, not because it will ensure people are lazy and take from it... but because there are 300 million people in this country and the government has to protect all of them. It hurts all of US when the weakest are on the STREET. When the weakest can't READ. When the weakest are SICK...
...but those same people need to understand they are indeed a different personality type and that it isn't just "luck" that allowed others to do better. Not everyone is truly an entrepreneur. Not everyone has the complete and utter lack of morals to be a bank CEO and choose to sacrifice everything in their life just to make money. Not everyone even has the balls to sacrifice being an actor or comedian for a couple years to take out a loan to start a business! Just accept that you made different choices in your life and move the fuck on. Appreciate the choices you DID make that you'd most likely be unable to make in any other country! When people say this is the land of opportunity it's because you even have the freedom to be a CLOWN if you want to. It doesn't mean everyone has the opportunity to be a millionaire. Nor would most people even WANT the life that comes with BEING one.
With ALL that being said, RentTheDelorean.com business continues to be moving at a brisk pace. Lots of gigs, granted nowhere near the size and scale of 2015, but a lot more personal moments that I certainly love. As well? A lot of driving the car which at times can be somewhat enjoyable. Mostly extremely stressful, but with classical music all things are possible...
I have a very colorful life. Thank the fuck christ for that...