10:26 AM, Friday, April 1st, 2016:
I actually could've pulled this off on March 31st so it was still "March" Madness but I don't want a tournament this good to be stuck at the bottom of a 13 entry month. This deserves top billing for sure. Can't wait to share it with you because it may go down as my favorite start to finish tournament ever.
Requisite black space for spoilers:
The SuperTee adds such an awesome element of suspense I am BESIDE myself with glee over it. Having each player struggle with when to use their 1 attempt in the brackets is so fucking badass and when the time comes that someone actually pulls it off? Whew. Though, I'll be honest... it's gonna be awhile. At least in tournament play. People were practicing for fun and after several tries Don nailed it and technically Paddy did it during a qualifying round (on his 5th attempt) but for someone to just walk up those steps and knock it out on the first try? It could be years. The fact that it's attempted so rarely makes the chances almost astronomical. The best players will be avoiding it unless forced to and even then it's only forced ONCE... ALL DAY. So honestly, Michael's birdie off the SuperTee is as spectacular as anything we may see...
...but SOME day. It will happen in a MASSIVE moment and we will put down a freaking ZERO on a scorecard. I can't even imagine how much shit people will lose.
And SPEAKING, of PEOPLE, losing their SHIT! Has there ever been a tournament with Eagles THIS BIG? With that many people watching and then SCREAMING when they hit it? HOLY fuck that was amazing. That's the greatest added bonus to having the Home Game Enterprizes guys there - it's 5 more people really interested in the actual games. The crowd we had watching the championship was actually almost suffocating around Hole 6.... and then Matt hit that EAGLE? WHAT. That place was buzzing like a Curry half-court shot. Granted, smaller scale, but the energy every single person watching felt? Was EXACTLY like big-time sports. And watching it back while editing, you could FEEL it. I don't ever remember a tournament feeling like that. Most people just leave if they're not in it.
Now I'm really jonesin' to film this right. A thought occurred to me during editing - the Home Game Enterprizes guys are going to be donating their "broadcasting" to us for charity free of charge from now on (and they are giving $325 to charity this time)... maybe I can get some camera guys to devote a couple hours to shoot this? Then maybe I can get an assistant editor to compile and log all the footage. Set it up on a timeline for me to begin editing... Have people donate time to simply keep score or keep the greens clean, etc. I mean, in order to do that we would have to have an actual charity and business sponsor each tournament, but in the meantime maybe people would be willing to help? I mean, to shoot this right there's 3 cameras (one on the ball, two on the players) and everyone is mic'd. There's a TON more go-pros so the cameras don't have to get EVERY golf shot. There's a way to do this shoot that's spectacular but I'm already spread thin and just can't keep adding unless I have an actual team. Maybe I'll attempt to put one together. It's only 6 dates a year.
Anyway - oh yeah the tournament! What can you say: every round and match-up was awesome thanks to the talent level going through the roof. Ethan? What the fuck? That cat is gonna win THIS year. I'm tellin' you... he's serious. He's part of the Home Game Enterprize guys and he was studying the past tournaments like GAME FILM. He will be on that wall very, very soon.
And yes, Matt won and I know it gets boring when anyone is that good, but I actually like favorites because they provide the intrigue when they're off a bit. And sweet GOD that shot he hit on 6 after Cole's birdie? It's impressive no matter what when you pull that off, but to do it after Cole hit an ICE COLD birdie from an off-angle to go up 3 STROKES? Hooooooooooly shit. I don't think there's been a more clutch shot at GolfKon. In fact, I think we have to go back to the very first tournament where I hit a hole-in-one on the last hole to win by one stroke and we only have STILL PICTURES to prove that happened. HA.
Alright, I'm rambling. Congrats Matt... goddamn that was spectacular. Can't wait for Memorial Day. Giddy-up.