4:57 PM, Monday, March 28th, 2016:
I've had a lot of things happen in this journey that were strange, and truthfully after this long maybe I'm forgetting something, but this has to be the strangest mix of two events in my career ever to happen on the same day.
So today I had a contract signing. It was a contract VOIDING my once exciting 6-month partnership that lasted less than 2 weeks the very day I met with a different development company that could be offering me the exact same thing within another 2 weeks. It's a complete and total whirlwind, but it was wonderful going into the meeting today knowing the slate was clean and I wasn't contractually obligated to anyone except the opportunities ahead of me in this meeting...
...which I obviously cannot tell you a THING about. In fact, tomorrow I'm going to have to write a locked entry to analyze everything that happened but suffice to say they came at me from left field in a way I had never considered that is indeed far more marketable than anything I had come up with and with their seeds of ideas I'm blowing up further fleshing them out. We're gonna develop the ideas and then it will be pitched by the head dude at Collins Avenue (Mr. Collins, imagine that) and if he digs it? We, are, off. We sign into an agreement to develop the concepts, they pay to shoot the content and away we go. This was everything I could have hoped for in a meeting and I'm honestly just trying to get through this fucking surface entry so I can write about everything that happened.
But let me add to my previous entry, again, how impressive it was for the show runner to send me a contract voiding the earlier agreement and falling on that sword. That is NOT how this business usually works. I mean, it's how it SHOULD work, but it simply never has in my experience. Now our argreement was really only for Hats & Minigolf and my meeting today was decidedly not about Hats & Minigolf but if he really wanted to I'm sure he could have found some angle or loophole... you know what Adam? Ya gotta stop expecting everyone to be as big of an asshole as they have been in your past. Your whole life is jumping again after the fall and presuming goodness in people. You felt he was a stand-up guy and in fact, he was. I hope to return the favor someday and have someone like that on my team. For now however we document me signing the END of what might be the quickest ride in the history of The Journey:
NOW AHHHHHH. Need to write about the meeting!! SORRY it will not be public for a bit!!