12:43 PM, Sunday, March 27th, 2016:
So I know we just had a tournament yesterday (might house some of the greatest moments in GolfKon history), but instead of a place-holder entry I need to update what has happened with the Showrunner, because frankly, it's incredible and a testament to the fact that there are honest people in this world.
So with the news from his agent, my reaction was two-fold: 1) That sucks and 2) I still kind of disagree am I now stuck for 6 months with people that have no belief in this working? A phone call Friday from the Showrunner put the second concern to rest. He was completely apologetic about the ENTIRE WEEK. He knew that everything he said he could do, he now could NOT do, and offered to send me a contract rescinding everything and just couldn't apologize enough. He said he absolutely believes in the show, he knows there's something here - but everyone he's talking to says these types of shows do not sell especially with an unknown host. What he was basically saying was: since I can't help, you're free to find someone who can because I do think someone can.
Oh how I would've given anything to have had a manager like this in 2001. Getting the opposite sent me down the most difficult road imaginable. This guy is awesome and I have a feeling we will find some common ground in the future. It's more and more clear there IS consumable media content sitting in my backyard. Finding exactly what the hell that is will take some time. And now that he threw his hands up and said "Oh jesus, sorry, my bad man... can we erase the last week?" I can continue to find someone to develop this idea. I'm not the least bit deterred because one agent said this won't sell. Once it does, that's when the copycats come. You have to find the network ready to pioneer a bit. It's tough and I'm honestly bummed this showrunner won't be the guy to be behind that because he believes it IS something that could spark copycats and become extremely viable.
So there it is. Another random Journey story housed in a calendar month where, now, all eyes are on tomorrow's meeting and what on earth it will mean. The bar is high on that for sure. Jesus.
Speaking of Jesus... EASTER EGG HUNT:
To any newcomers out there I'm not even remotely religious. I just like having yearly patterns of goofy shit. Hiding candy in your backyard? OK. Putting a TREE in your house and putting presents under it? DUH, YES PLEASE. So Easter is awesome and the kids freaking love it. And I mean, come on - seriously? Could there BE a cooler backyard for an Easter Egg Hunt!?!??!

Alright, spirits are high. Dying to know what the serious shit I'm going to be feeling tomorrow afternoon.