11:26 PM, Friday, March 25th, 2016:
WHEW. It is finished...
Man, that was an intense amount of work. Glad I started 6 weeks ago. Kind of an interesting story on this one...
So as I may have mentioned running into Marc McClure (at my house actually when Don brought him by), gave me the idea for a Superman Themed Hole. In fact, a straight-up Jimmy Olsen hole. And since he played Jimmy Olsen in Superman AND Dave McFly in Back to the Future, what better hole than 4 which shares it's space with Golf To The Future Hole 7. I was gonna do some tie-ins where one side was Jimmy Olsen and the other was Dave from the infamous waving picture, the whole 9.
Took a good 6 months of letting that sit in my brain for a bit when I had to take that tree down and on a drunken Drinks & Minigolf Saturday night we started standing on the stump hitting shots. Hmmmm. I eventually saw the idea for a legit (and very safe) optional shot from that tee and the Super Tee was born.
Contacted Marc McClure, he was in. Also contacted Jack O'Halloran and he was also in! Cool! He played the scary-ass big bad guy from Superman 1&2. All things were a go and I started to think about filling in the rest of the green with stuff and little by little I was concerned these guys would show up. Marc is far away in Palm Springs but I gave him a 6 week heads up and hoped we could work something out even if it meant taping something. As it became clearer and clearer he may not make it the hole changed. From Jimmy Olsen centered to simply the Metropolis/Daily Planet theme and avoiding copyrights it's just Planet GolfKon and the Super Tee. The diamond shape is apparent but there's no logo, etc. Kind of the cool thing about GolfKon is that everything is a parody to a degree. I don't want it to say the copyrighted stuff, I want it to be a play on Golf, etc. So it all works out.
Last month's entry explains the craziness that was figuring out the rules and angle to the Superman Tee and really all the old rules apply so it works out great. Off-course balls are always re-shot from the previous shot as your next stroke... same case here. Now whether you have the balls to attempt the zero shot in tournament play remains to be seen until tomorrow. I've noticed lately that we've been able to bounce it off the granite tee OVER the Zero Super Logo. That's bad. If you can do that you can almost always get it on the green. May have to change that tomorrow morning, dunno.
Anyway, it's a really interesting addition to the course to have a "choice" and should make for some great moments. Hole 9 (also a par 2) will eventually have the same thing. Will be awesome to have people have NO choice at the end but to do something stupid. That's the best moments of GolfKon: the bet. Do you bet you can do something amazing or bet your opponent will fuck up... it's a nice wrinkle on the game and one you never see really.
And jesus... you never see THAT in a backyard. What the fuck. This is surreal to me sometimes. I mean, like now. At this moment it is surreal. This is a really, really fun project to continue to fine-tune. Can't wait to see how it works out with real, live peeps tomorrow.
Good night. ;-)