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11:51 PM, Wednesday, March 24th, 2016:
So lost in all the showrunner hoopla last week was an email I received from the Senior VP of Development at Collins Avenue. A media content group best known for "Dance Moms". My man Gary passed her my reel and she replied:
"I laughed a bunch watching the reel and definitely think there is something there. I would love to bring you in to discuss the potential of developing a project with you. I don’t think the exact format for Hats & Mini Golf will work for us, but I think it is worth sitting down and discussing some other ideas we think might be right for the marketplace at the moment."
Awesome right?!? Obviously I'm pretty focused on Hats & Minigolf at the moment, but these are certainly the meetings where opportunities grow and I set up a meeting for this Monday with her and their development team...
...except nowwwwwwwwwwww, this random cherry is the whole dessert. It could very well be that what the agent told my showrunner really IS the future of Hats & Minigolf and meetings like THIS are where you leverage the interest in the concept into an actual show that can get you back on TV. So suddenly, this becomes everything. They're meeting me in person to get a feel for ME and my ideas, etc. This is where you thank the fuck christ you didn't finish that reel a couple months ago when you initially wanted to. Why? Because FAT SANTA walking into this meeting would've been politle rejected. I'm still 10+ pounds overweight but I can fake it. Meaning, I can wear my sknny clothes, they just hurt a little. 2 months ago I was 200 pounds. So, yeah. WHEEEEEEEEEEEW. Good timing.
So right away the first thing I prepared was an updated reel because it's hilarious to me that I'm getting this meeting on the strength of my BACKYARD MINIGOLF COURSE when THIS is what I'm capable of:
Holy shit, that should blow their minds. They think they're meeting with one dude, and they're meeting with 5. That doesn't mean any of those concepts are coming back, but it SHOULD mean they want to hold onto me in some capacity. From hosting to actually developing a TV show around something within there? The sky really is the limit and it has been 7 years since I took a meeting like this... so yeah, I'm kind of excited. In fact, now that this is pretty much the only avenue left my expectation level for what this meeting needs to spur has gone WAY up.
The nice thing in ALLLLL of this is that this really is just an entry on The Journey. It's me playing make-believe for a few moments and remembering my old life. Sure, I was a little depressed after what happened in the last entry but I ran around with my kids for 10 minutes and was fine. <shrugs> Once you've truly given up the game? It can't grab you the same way even if it comes back because your passions are now spread out. So yeah, this Collins Avenue meeting needs to go well for my career to ramp up and all signs point to that happening... but if it doesn't? Look at my life. Jesus. How much more colorful and happy and exciting and fulfilling can you get? I guess ignorance to mainstream success is bliss...
...but hopefull, Monday will be a step in the right direction.
...but first an entry tomorrow on the NEW HOLE!
DAHHHHHH. Good thing I only had 5 entries last month. I knew life would catch up. ;-)