locked until 03.27.2016
10:22 PM, Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016:
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we're locked. That was fucking fast. I mean, I never said the dude's name so I guess this might be able to be "public" someday (though I believe only my dad reads this), but this is so bad for this guy's credibility I don't even know how to put this. I even waited a day... but it's no less ridiculous than it was yesterday. Well, I guess we start with the video:
Soooooo yeah. His agent looked at it and replied simply, with 2 or 3 sentences: yeah this won't sell. People try and pitch this "talking while golfing" show all the time, no one wants it. So he'll have nothing to do with it...
...and there goes EVERYTHING this showrunner told me when we talked and he came over to convince me to sign. "I have 5 networks off the top of my head that will see this immediately and it will have the push of my agency, Paradigm, behind it." So clearly he never even mentioned this to his agent or even linked him the initial reel which was simply 2 minutes longer and just assumed everything. I mean, dude feels bad, he repeated often "this is not good" and said he would now go to some production company contacts he has and get their feedback. I mean, I can do that. For all intents and purposes his entire credibility has evaporated and, well, here we are.
Now, if he doesn't force the 6 month contract on me and allows me to find another show runner with a different agency, no harm no foul. He truly did believe in the show and I understand his excitement about it (obviously), but if he gets really weird about this... this is gonna suck. If I just signed with someone who has no one around him that believes in this, I've just erased the entirety of 2016. I mean he's used to the TLC world, the normal "reality show" world and I've had that discussion with him time and again: this ain't that world. This is a long-form interview better suited to IFC. "Dinner For Five". I brought up that show and he said "Oh you're the other guy that watches that show." And he's right! No doubt. He wants to go where the money is because his whole life is pitching shows! Why bother with the little things if you're not invested in it...
...except, clearly, I am. And I could give two fucks about money. I've said that to him and I don't believe he really understood that. I want enough money to pay a decent crew with decent equipment to help me shoot it - I can do the rest. I understand him wanting to start at the top with the best networks and I actually think some would bite for our budget... but, uhm, now they're NEVER going to see it because his agent won't even touch it? I mean for the love of fuck, I can accept a "no"! Or 30! But it's very difficult to accept a "not trying".
And this guy has to know how he looks in all this. In fact, I actually feel bad for him. He seems like the type that will spend the next couple days/weeks trying to get ANYTHING to stick and then coming over, ripping up the contract and shaking my hand. He got excited and did things out of order. I appreciate that, I just hope he's self-aware and honest, etc. Might be a lot to ask for in this town, but my goodness... nearly everything he promised vanish in hours after we sent it off. LMFAO. I still can't believe it.
Which brings us to this part of The Journey. So yeah, that last week? Done. LOL. I had just begun to really get pumped on Monday as we finished everything and started preparing myself for how things were going to get hectic. I felt legitimately accomplished and hopeful and now it's allllllllllll gone. I believe the agent when he said the bigger networks won't buy this... I mean, I'd like to talk to those networks because in a "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" world? The cable networks would be wise to start jumping on that type of bandwagon and it doesn't get more unique and celebrity friendly than this. I easily see this as a Netflix or Amazon exclusive where people can binge watch 10 episodes, etc. Considering the budget, I'm not sure I see the risk. With the right equipment (professional cameras/cameramen and sound) it'll look incredible and I can produce the rest. Add a few more angles and beauty shots of the holes? It's pretty simple: the set is impressive and ALREADY BUILT. It'll happen, but it might not be this showrunner and his connections.
So for now I get to be in a daze for a bit and then focus on the Collins Avenue meeting. Christ I haven't even MENTIONED that! That afterthought last week is now suddenly all I've got. Obviously I'll make an entry about it next. Funny how things work out.
Fuckin' hilarious.