11:58 AM, Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016:
And away we go! Here's the one-sheet that is being sent out today for the agent to begin pitching:
Hmm, it would certainly seem that is five sheets, not one. I guess that is a figure of speech but every one-sheet I've made was 1 actual sheet. Funny. I corrected a couple things and it was done late last night.
He also told me to give him a 4 1/2 minute reel (which is still long). When I did, he wanted me to ADD to it - lol - and with his additions it's just under 5 minutes. It really is a hard story/concept to do in 2 or 3 minutes. So here's the 5 minute reel:
Pretty obvious edits once you're no longer focusing on attracting celebrities. I cannot imagine taking much more out though... every cut gives a deeper insight into the uniquities of the show... either way - I've seen a ton of reels and this just SCREEEEEEEEEEAMS so there's going to be no issue with people watching it. I mean, jesus come to think of it I'm way past that concern. Pardigm is pitching this mofo. I'm sure the majority of networks won't be interested but there's just too many goddamned channels for there to be NO bites. It's a great twist on long form interviews and they've certainly never seen anything like it before.
So hot DAMN! This just went out an hour ago! He told me 2-3 weeks and we'll know how all the networks received it. Goddamnit that's exciting.
And nowwwwwwww we wait.