1:25 PM, Wednesday, March 16th, 2016:
Of course I signed. Duh. But wow, even I didn't understand just what having him backed by Paradigm meant.
Not gonna say his name yet because I don't want to have to lock this shit (there will be PLENTY of locking coming up) so I'm gonna try and do some shit anonymously before the full black-out of The Journey... but what agency representation of a Showrunner means is that they're actually the ones that start the process, not me or the showrunner. His agent at Paradigm (a Top 5 agency, mind you - this is big time) will be packaging this and calling the networks individually, gathering interest from other celeb clients at the agency who would agree to do the show pending it being bought, etc. So it's the whole force of the agency now with a vested interest in this happening.
Fucking hell. So, yeah I signed that shit. And as I said in the previous entry I already knew what it would say before I got it as I labored over this process with Weller/Grossman in 2009 (a deal memo I was advised NOT to sign, and didn't). There was one thing I had a question on and he explained that as well. Everything is pretty simple at this stage, it gets far more complicated once there are bites...
Now, I had met this dude before knowing nothing about him other than our wives go to a mommy group together and we've been the dads at a birthday party holding a beer, standing around watching our kids run into each other. I've been to his house, he had been to mine... kinda weird how in LA everyone is somewhat connected to the industry. On the phone last night he was far more "industry" but this morning we talked like two dudes shooting the shit about our lives and all the shit that's happened to us. Dude WORKED for Weller/Grossman in '06. I mean talk about small world. He has an incredible resume and I just can't say this enough: he has that passion. That hustle. That "let's do this now, let's knock this out... why fuck around." I swear to you, every other step I've taken in this industry has been like pulling fucking teeth. I've tried for 6 months to get a guy who says he's interested to meet with me. 1/2 year. When I ask point-blank what he thinks? He ignores it. It's bizarre...
...then THIS zippy little bastard comes in and lays, it, OUT. (paraphrasing) "Here's how this shit is gonna go. And we will know if it's good or bad in WEEKS, not months. We already have these connections, we will not have to beg and wait in line to get to these networks, with Paradigm we're already there. I'll have a one-sheet done on Monday, some notes on a quicker reel and then BOOM. This will start. A matter of 2-3 weeks later we will know where we stand."
Are you fucking kidding me? YES. EXACTLY. You know why that's possible? You know why in a town that doesn't move some people can make it? Because THEY'RE legitimate. Ya know why the dude last year wanted to start with syndication (the last avenue) and fucked around for months until I just wrote him off? Because that's as far as HE had gotten and didn't have the pull to take it to networks. I dealt with this with Martha. She made the avenues seem impossible and excuse after excuse on why I never had a meeting or an audtion even while on CBS NATIONAL for a year... she had no pull. People with pull can pick up the phone and get you an answer immediately. Paradigm? They do that. I remember well in '09 when Alisa at Paradigm read the Weller/Grossman contract, told me not to sign, picked up the phone and I was at 3 Arts within 72 hours. That's how connected people work.
So yeah, holy mother fucking balls of jesus fucktards. I mean what the fuck. Here it is. I have the force of Paradigm behind my pitches now and I will get my shot. Several actually.

Here's me signing...
...and here's me signing off because a neighbor friend of mine wants a beer at the GolfKon bar and nothing on the planet sounds better than relaxing at MY FUCKING BAR and having a beer. Goddamnit the fairy-tale continues people.