11:39 PM, Tuesday, March 15th, 2016:
48 hours. 48 hours and now we're here. I just can't even process it.
I just got off the phone with a showrunner who is now coming over tomorrow with a development deal. He is established with shows on the air I've actually heard of and he's repped by freaking Paradigm a massive agency that I actually worked with during Comedy Central. He loved the concept, loved the reel and is ready, to, go. And, believe it or not, I've met him before because his wife is in Talya's mommy group... we've been to the same birthday parties all this time... had no idea. Talya shared the video and she saw it, showed him - he had her text immediately to get my number and we just spoke for 30 minutes. He'll be here tomorrow at 10am.
Oh, the sharing. Jesus, I was already working on this entry YESTERDAY because in 24 hours there were 5000 fucking views of the reel on Facebook. It got the shit shared out of it, people loved it... it was unbefuckinglievable. Never seen anything like it. I mean, I've seen things go viral, obviously I had 5 million views on Let's Bomb Iran 10 years ago - but this is a freaking reel. It's not a "hey look at this funny thing!" type of a share. So, color me STUNNED for it to move that fast. And now, a day later, here we are. Of course, I had to get video during my call to him in order to "Journify" the moment...
Sure is fun to have instant access to these moments of your life in video form and be able to put up a video that spans 14 years at the drop of a hat. Crazy.
So my brain is interupting my heart here for a second and I have to ask of course - do I just sign with the first guy I meet? Uhm, wait, what? How, huh, who why?
Well, I'm in contact with a couple other show-runners and I've actually been down this road before. I know what that deal is going to say before I read it. This part is standard, the issue is of course if you're willing to let this person and his agency be the face of your show to these networks because you really only get one shot. If and when these networks pass (of course most will even without a meeting), there's no finding a NEW showrunner and trying again because everyone has already seen it, so you do have to beware... but I will say this: in a town of people that beat around the bush, have meetings that go nowhere, talk shit with no action - this cagey motherfucker got ahold of me not later, not even tomorrow morning - RIGHT NOW AT 9PM. I wanted to meet with him he said TOMORROW MORNING. Mufucka literally putting the "run" in Showrunning. Wow.
So, uhm, you wanna know how to attract me? Don't fuck around. Have more energy and "GET THIS SHIT DONE" than I have and you have me, brother. If you make ME feel like a weak link and I'm suddenly like "oh shit, I better get my shit together" - you've just won the game because my work ethic is insane. That work ethic built the course by myself. So I will forward the contract to a couple people before I sign, but uhm, yeah, I'll HAPPILY give you 6 months dude. It'll be a 50/50 creator split and it sure beats 100% of absolutely nothing. I needed this to get in the game, he's already there and is hungry. And man, now I'm hungry again. This is old-school Journey shit now.
The craziest thing is? I've never really been to this stage. I've never signed on with an established showrunner for 6 months to pitch my TV show. I had the Adam & The Egos pilot, but Weller/Grossman was a production company that simply knew a guy at Comedy Central. Once Comedy Central gave us the space they refused to pay for the production AND wanted 50%. Well, uhm, we had never talked about other networks or what they could offer, this was JUST about Comedy Central, so - if I'm putting all this money into the pilot, why am I giving you 50%? Just for the meeting? Uhhhhhhh... it never made sense.
This of course is totally different, yes, I did put ALL my own money into the production of Hats & MiniGolf, but this guy isn't promising me a meeting with a single network. He's going to get this in front of everyone with the backing of a Top 5 agency vouching for it's AWESOMENESS. That's a no-brainer. And believe me if any of those networks are asking for MORE to be produced on top of what we have? They're paying for it. Weller/Grossman wouldn't VALIDATE MY PARKING.
So here we are. More tomorrow. Jesus this is crazy. It's funny, I say 48 hours but in reality, it was 16 years and 48 hours. Welcome to overnight successes in Hollywood.