9:20 PM, Tuesday, March 1st, 2016:
I'm sure this has crossed my mind before, but since Vienna spent Cameron's first 2 years of life SCREAMING IN HIS FACE, I guess it never occured to me the level of their relationship as life continues. The video explains where I'm going with this...
As a parent, that video hits a different part of your heart for sure. You think it'll never happen of course, and it'll probably happen a lot from now on (mixed with them beating the shit out of each other) but rarely is it that clear: they like each other. They're helping each other. They like that they CAN help each other and that they HAVE each other for help.
It's at that moment your head starts to wonder and you do some quick math: fuck, they will only know me, what 45-50 years if I'm lucky? They may know each other for 100. They could feasibly be connected to each other 50 years AFTER I'm gone. I'm an only child (although my father remarried and had a kid at 14, we had very little contact) and do not have that connection. My parents will be my longest close relationship by a wide margin.
Of course, they may hate each other. <shrugs> You never really know. I was close with my Uncle as a child, now we speak once a year. It happens.
The other thing that my unfortunately analytical mind wanders to? If they lost each other in childhood it would rip a part of them out forever. As a parent that scares the fucking shit out of me. You want to protect them SO much. And one way of course to protect your kids is monitor some connections for safety's sake. I'm sure if one of them has a boyfriend/girlfriend at 12, I'll be the first to say "ya maaaaaaaaay not wanna spend EVERY second there because it'll crush you", but that's a different kind of crush and probably good for 'em. This, though? Sadly it happened to my mother and she'll be the first to tell you that of course it changes you forever and you never truly recover. She lost her younger 10-year-old brother when she was 12 to a very tragic accident. I remember her telling me the story as a kid and trying to empathize... only now do I feel the sibling connection and it's intense. It might be stronger than parent/child connection depending on the children. Vienna and Cam seem to be well on their way to that.
Of course, leave it to me to focus on that - just kind of the way my head works and why I have The Journey. It's a fleeting thought, especially since the screaming and hitting is still a 50/50 mix with the laughter. You never have too long to see them happy before the world ends for one of them... but it hit me hard enough to write. The video just knocked me out. We made two people that just helped each other solve a problem and achieved a goal.