12:50 PM, Tuesday, February 16th, 2016:
And then there's days like this! Where the news comes ROLLLLING in. You need this shit during a workout man. When you've set yourself up so you're over 4 months from your goal (4 months of painstaking concentration) you need some happy moments to get through the duldrums. And since I just did a group chat to all the top players I'll just copy and paste the conversation:
--First off: I just spoke with Jimmy Olsen himself (Marc McClure) and he is in for the Superman Hole Dedication on March 26th...
--Now whether he can make that exact date or we have to fake it a week or so beforehand remains to be seen. He lives in Palm Springs so it's a fuck of a trek and it's a huge favor to us. If he can make 3/26 however, we should be able to get the news here again for the dedication, the whole 9...


Pretty awesome. Now I'm not sure if I mentioned it on the site but Don brought Marc over to GolfKon after their band rehearsal last year and it sparked the idea to make a hole since he was also Dave McFly in Back to the Future. Finally just cold-texted and called him and he was very receptive. I broke ground on the new tee yesterday. Giddy-up. Moving on...
--Next piece of news... GolfKon is going to be spotlit on "Geeking Out" on AMC. A show hosted by none other than Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg who I've now met a couple times and will be interviewing on Hats & Minigolf next month.
--That will air in the summer - but holy shit, Kevin Smith Geek God... at GolfKon. Wow.
Now nothing has been set in stone, or signed, etc. (can you tell I've been burned before? lol) but the moment they announced the show was picked up I texted Greg to which he replied: "You have to do a segment." Uhm, of course. And the show will be doing "out of studio" pieces, so clearly a trip to the geek paradise of GolfKon is a given. Not sure what the point of having me do a segment "in-studio" would be. So yes, I'm fucking stoked, and yes I can now start being more open with that extremely awesome and random meeting with Greg last year. Hot damn. And there's more:
--Yesterday I invited Adam Nedeff over to see the course and he brought his roomates along. You may have seen Adam on a Conan bit at the wax Musesum in hollywood a few years back. He's kind of a game show genuis who has written a ton of books: http://www.amazon.com/Adam-Nedeff/e/B00J5U21Z8
--Unbeknownst to me they have a business where they will actually host a live game show at your house. So if you want to play The Price is Right at your house, they bring the TV, software, everything you'd need to play it and they host the whole thing. http://homegameenterprizes.com. Watch that first video - it's literally freaking Press Your Luck. Amazing.
--They will be the business sponsor for March Madness - and after the tournament, weather permitting - will set-up a game for us to play as well as be broadcasting our tournament for the video. It's kind of the perfect GEEK marriage and if we can make this work for them, they could be part of GolfKon for a long time.
--Would love for their logo to be on the course, etc. Raise a bunch for charities, etc. So generally good news all around - exposure and lots happening. And completely organic, I had no idea they even did this until they were pretty much walking out! So hot damn. Now, I'll stop bugging you all 'cause I have to build this raised deck and safety fence for the superman tee so you don't all kill yourself next month.


So look at that! A business sponsor. Now the flip side of this is I'm not certain they're big enough to sponsor every tournament even with the charity write-offs... but I think we'll find a way for them to have SOME sponsorship of the tournament even if they can't give $750-$1000 to charity 6 times a year. That amount really requires a big business that needs the write-offs. I'm not even certain they're making that much total... however I have a lot of contacts in this area with RentTheDelorean.com so I really hope we can help each other. I sure do love how organic everything is...
I realize I mention "organic" often when it comes to GolfKon and I'm not sure people get what I mean... I've made a very concerted effort not to force upgrades or additions to GolfKon. I made the original hole with 3 tee boxes to save the foosball table and when it was done, it was DONE. Everything else came organically, meaning a problem arose that was best solved with an upgrade. The other holes came from a mix of covering pipes and the idiot at Home Depot rolling out a bit too much green. Had that not happened? They wouldn't exist. The first wall came to keep the dogs shitting in the right place. When a ton of people came and I saw a way to raise money for charity? I had no choice but to fix the front and side of the yard so people took it seriously. Back to the Future Hole came from a meeting with Claudia Wells that never would've happened had Andrew not become a business sponsor in March 2014. Then the car, etc. Even though I couldn't get the other Murray Brothers out, knowing Joel Murray was why I made that gopher hole because I figured Brian-Doyle would come up. It was hot. He didn't want to, but it was the meeting with Joel that made it happen. Random meeting with Weird Al and a need for a random number selector for tie-breakers made the Wheel of Fish Happen... it all just keeps going. Sure I want an Indiana Jones hole and a Goonies hole, but I'm letting things come to me and taking my time. I meet Greg Grunberg at a freaking gas station and he's in Star Wars and is best friends with J.J. Abrams. Jesus. I tect him the course and he freaks out. That's what I mean by organic. The alternative? Never works. I don't really know how to explain that, but when you actively throw stuff against the wall without letting things breathe a little, you make mistakes. The end result can feel forced. I like the lack of a safety net with GolfKon. I have NO idea what will be themed next. Who will be here, what it will mean. What it will look like. My only control is assuring it blends in well, it's safe and the comepetitiveness and integrity of the course remains in tact... a dozen ideas have been thrown out where all of that evaporates. So hard to explain that to people who don't have dogs or kids or any inkling what the upkeep can be. So far, so good.
Alright, moving right along! Gotta get back to building, thought I'd take a minute or 57 to explain everything. ;-)